Blue Butcher Bar & Restaurant Hong Kong

Blue Butcher Bar & Restaurant

My girlfriend and I are big steak lovers and we always make it a point to check out good steak restaurants in every city that we visit. During a recent trip to Hong Kong, we had a very very good steak at Blue Butcher Bar & Restaurant, a meathouse that sources its meat from farms that do not compromise on quality, and hang the meat in-house using age-old recipes together with modern techniques.

We started off with a few interesting cocktails. Names like Pork Chop & Apple Sauce, Bangers & Mash, and Fig & Cheese are some of the options available.

Pigs Head Terrine

Following which, we had the Pigs Head Terrine (HK$115), and it is obviously not a dish for the faint-hearted. But if you are adventurous enough, you will find that it actually tastes very similar to the usual pork terrine, except that it is packed with more flavours.

Bone Marrow

Planked on a wooden board, the Bone Marrow (HK$125) with toast and caper berries is another house speciality and it is exactly how a good bone marrow should be like – rich, flavourful and prepared to a high standard.

It is best to dine at the Blue Butcher because there are so many dishes that you will want to try. Accompanied with sweetbread, truffled orzo and herb salad, the Dutch Veal Cheek (HK$460) is one of the big plates that is perfect for sharing. So is the US Kurobuta Pork Belly & Cheek (HK$250/450), with huge chunks of perfectly cooked pork belly rested on a bed of lentils and granny smith apple slaw.

Wagyu Ribeye

But if you only have room for one dish, then forget about the rest and go straight for the steak. The 320z Australian Mann river farm Wagyu bone-in Ribeye (HK$1480) that we had was beyond amazing. We have had many good steaks from good steak restaurants all over the world, but Blue Butcher’s version took our breath away and has fast climbed up our ranks as one of the best. Deftly seasoned and beautifully cooked, the steak was juicy, meaty and very tender. We were swooning with every bite – it was extremely good that we cannot find any adjective that is deemed fit to describe it.

Blue Butcher Dessert

Throughout the meal, we observed that most of the staff were exuberant and really friendly towards all guests. This marks a small but impressionable difference to every restaurant. After checking with Celine, the restaurant’s PR manager, we learned how the restaurant highly values every worker – from the chefs who brave the heat from the stove every night, to the bartenders who prepare every cocktail meticulously, and the wait staff that serve every table with pride and distinction.

Even though the owners have several restaurants in Hong Kong, they drop by Blue Butcher regularly to ask on them and to make sure that everything is on track. It is the rapport between the owners and employees that makes a difference in the long run. There is also a Progressive Wage Model which not only helps to map out a clear career path for the staff, but also pay them fair wages according to their skills and work efficiency. The group makes sure that every staff has a part to play, and a future progression as long as they work hard.

Veal Cheek

And of course, it is also about striking the balance between work and play. Staff dinner is organised every month for the staff to go out and have fun together, and to strengthen the bond within the team. These factors contribute to make the staff at Blue Butcher feel that they are part of something bigger, and motivates them to work harder.

With delicious cocktails, warm and welcoming service, and the best cuts, Blue Butcher Bar & Restaurant is a place that you should head to with a group of carnivorous friends to have a great night’s out.

This message is part of a ladyironchef x Labour Movement project where we seek to share with you insights on the different initiatives by the Labour Movement to give workers in Singapore better jobs, better pay and better work-life balance.

Blue Butcher Bar & Restaurant
108 Hollywood Road, SOHO
Tel: +852 2613 9286
Daily: 12pm – 12 midnight
Nearest Station: Sheung Wan
Note: This was an invited media tasting.