Asian Food Invasion – 6 Asian Cuisines That Are Ever Popular With Locals

Coke Asian Invasion

It is an undeniable fact that food fads in Singapore come and go at a rapid pace. As with all fads, many do not survive the test of time and they die down quietly before you even notice it.

Remember when donuts were all the hype because Krispy Kreme came to Singapore? What about the time when rainbow cakes filled up your Instagram feed?

Hipster food aside, we are (still) fortunate enough to be in Singapore because Asian cuisines are permanent and that while trends come and go, we have these 6 Asian Cuisines That Are Ever Popular With Locals.


[Closed] Archipelago Creamery – Ice Cream Shop In The West With Waffles And Shibuya Toast

Archipelago Creamery

Chances are you will not find notice Archipelago Creamery unless you are consciously looking out for it.

Hidden within the grounds of Nanyang Community Centre at Jurong West Street 91, you would need to take a bus from Boon Lay MRT Station to get to the community centre.

Sure, making it to the destination cafe requires some effort on top of searching for it within the compound. And the question is – is it worth the trip? READ ON

AVA Recalls Chun Cui He Milk Tea Due To Food Safety Risks

Taiwan Chun Cui He Milk Tea

Chun Cui He milk teas from Taiwan have been driving Singaporeans crazy, and they have always been swiped off the shelves, despite being around for a little more than a month.

However, in a press statement released today, the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) has just announced that the famed milk tea will be recalled, as there is a food additive within the drink that is not permitted by Singapore standards.


Aqua Expeditions – 12 Things We Love About Aqua Mekong Luxury Cruise

aqua mekong aqua expeditions

When it comes to a cruise vacation, most millennials are quick to associate this niche holiday as a boring and claustrophobic experience with mediocre food.

Prior to our adventure onboard Aqua Mekong luxury cruise, we were one of the many cynics who were haunted by unpleasant cruise experiences too – but our impressions have since changed forever after an engaging four-day journey with Aqua Expeditions.

The luxurious 205-foot long Aqua Mekong has defied all traditional notions of a cruise adventure and boy, were we so impressed by the lavish amenities, unrivalled hospitality, top-notch meals and daily optional outdoor excursions! The chic floating home has a cap of 40 passengers – a far cry from most crowded cruises. In just four days, everyone bonded and felt like a family, and we could hardly bear to leave…

Here are 12 Things We Love About Cruising Down Mekong River on Aqua Mekong, and how it changed our perception of a cruise holiday forever.


The Only Chocolates by Awfully Chocolate That Mom Deserves For Mother’s Day

Awfully Mothers Day 2016

Chocolates are glorious and if your mom is obsessed with chocolates, we have a treat that she wouldn’t want to miss. How about a special Mother’s Day 2016 chocolate gift set from Awfully Chocolate to make Mom happy?

Forget flowers or cards, do something different this year and give her something she can truly treat herself to. And you know how conventional gifts tend to be regular chocolates that can be conveniently bought off the racks? Now, isn’t this set that comes with a whole chocolate cake and Ganache Dark Chocolate Truffles more sincere?

This is the only chocolate gift set that your mom deserves. Here is what comes with Awfully Chocolate’s awesome gift set.


Awfully Chocolate’s New Outlet At Marina Bay Link Mall Is Giving Away Dark Chocolate Truffles*

Awfully Chocolate Katong

The word ‘chocolate’ has almost become synonymous with our home-grown brand – Awfully Chocolate. At least, it is so for Singaporeans. In the past few years, the brand has grown significantly with many outlets islandwide now, but one thing remains – the awesomeness of their chocolate cakes. That, we will always swear by.

Marina Bay Link Mall is their next conquest. Much like the main outlet in Katong, the spanking new outlet will offer a selection of chocolate-focused drinks, including a menu of brand new and never-before-seen ones. Of course, you can still pick up their popular whole cakes here.

To celebrate the opening of the new outlet at Marina Bay Link Mall, Awfully Chocolate will be offering a complimentary box of their gorgeous Dark Chocolate Truffles with every order of a whole cake*. Meanwhile, here’s to all you fellow chocolate lovers. Let’s party with Awfully Chocolate!


Afuri Ramen Tokyo – Yuzu Ramen Is Good But Grilled Pork Is Even Better

Afuri Ramen

It will probably be a long wait if you want to dine at Afuri, a popular ramen restaurant in Tokyo.

Afuri has many outlets in Tokyo and we went to the one in Harajuku. The small unit sits just under 20 diners at one time, but the number of hungry diners in the queue is easily three times more than that. Everyone comes here for the famous yuzu ramen, and we too joined the queue on a cold night – when the temperature was almost single digit and the winds were strong.

But that did not stop us (or anyone else) from waiting for a seat at Afuri. We were to realise that it was going to be a great dinner.


Airline No-Show – You Might Be Charged For Not Showing Up For Your Flight

Airplane Shot

Travelling is extremely common these days. We literally seize every possible long weekend and annual leave to get out of our hometowns.

Unfortunately, life is not a bed of roses and unexpected circumstances do strike us when we least expect it. This means our travel plans have to come to a halt and we would have to cancel our flight itineraries at the very last minute. More often than not, most travellers will instead choose to simply not show up at all.

Which brings us to our next point – did you know that passengers might face a penalty fee for missing their flight?

Depending on the type of your air ticket, travellers might have to pay a fine for not showing up for his/her flight. Additionally, their remaining connecting flights associated with that particular booking would too be cancelled altogether. While this might seem unfair, it is necessary for airlines to minimise wastage of seats.


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