Prelude to LIC Food Event II

You must have read about the first food event organised by LIC at Ochacha. If you have missed the previous one, or have not known about it then, heres the chance for you to join us at the second one!

Details are not out yet because i have yet to confirm on the place and the time. But i have a rough idea on where to go for the next food event and it will be very soon. Let me know if you are interested to join, like i said before, anyone and everyone is welcome to join. Don’t be afraid to come alone, most of us are very friendly people. Or even better bring your friends along!

LIC needs to gauge the interest on the food event, so please let me hear from you! Send me your contacts so that when the details are confirmed i can let you know, and for people who know me, just tell me you are interested. For any clarifications or enquiries, please email to bradleyfk [at] gmail [dot] com. Or sms me at 9623 2581.

Looking forward to the next food event.


O Cha Cha III

ladyironchef’s Food Event Outing at Ochacha!

A total of 20 people graced the event, with bloggers, readers of LIC’s blog, and their friends joining us for the green tea appreciation at Ochacha.

There was supposed to be more, about 15 more, but they all last minute had something on, anyway 20′s a big number, considering it’s LIC first time organising an event.


LIC Food Event @ OChaCha

The Place: OChaCha

The Date: 13th May Tuesday

The Time: 730pm

The Price: $17.50 per person

The event:

ladyironchef is proud to present you with the matcha green tea appreciation event in collaboration with Yebber.

With a range of matcha latte green tea to savour, each in shooter portion so that we can taste many different types of green tea. Of course you can always asked for more serving for a particular matcha that you fancy, i’m sure Miss Lee will not have any objections. Delight yourself with the many desserts available, all in Green Tea flavour. Panna Cotta, Sponge cakes, quiches & pies, matcha slices, matcha cake and many more to choose from.

And that’s not all, there’s the excellent sandwiches which OChaCha served, coming in three different types, Furitake Salmon Sandwich, Sakura Egg Sandwich, and the Wasabi Tuna Sandwich. For the lack in variation, the sandwiches more than made up for it in the quality. After all at O Cha Cha, they do what they are good at, Matcha!

The Menu:

Drinks: OChaCha Rocks, Azuki Freezzie, Passion Rocks, OChaCha Latte, Chado

Sandwiches: Sakura Egg, Wasabi Tuna, Furikake Salmon

Soups: Shiitake Mushroom

Desserts: Matcha Cotton, Matcha Azuki, Financier, Matcha Panna Cotta

All the cold drinks will be served in the shooters while the hot latte in individual cups.

For any clarifications or enquiries, please email to bradleyfk [at] gmail [dot] com. Or sms me at 9623 2581.

Read here for my review on OChaCha! Hope to see all of you there!

Copy and paste the attendance list in your reply. Thanks!

1. LadyIronChef
2. Claudia
3. Jiaying
4. Sok Peng (2)
6. Qiu Gui
7. Caleb
8. Hisham (2)
10. Elisa
11. Christine
12. Peter Tan (2)
14. Jasmin (2)
16. Zheng Ni
17. Vicki (3)
20. Andy
21. Michelle (2)
23. Estelle (2)
25. Jon (2)
27. Anonymous (2)

Please RVSP as i need to confirm the number of people going, the current count stands at 28 people, and the max capacity is 30. So drop me a sms 9623 2581 asap to join now!

All are welcome, you can sign up and get your friends to come along too, simply state the number of people going when you paste the attendance list. Thanks everybody!

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