Have you signed up for Persimmon outing?

The food outing @ Persimmon is next Saturday Dec 6th! Have you signed up already? If not you need to be fast as it’s only a week more. Right, just to repeat for those who had missed the earlier post, ladyironchef had teamed up with Persimmon restaurant of Epicurious fame, to come out with a special lunch sampling menu.

The multi course set lunch, for just LIC readers, is $20 nett! To avoid missing out again, drop me a sms at 9623 2581 to confirm your place or should you have any enquiries. All are welcome, and feel free to bring along your friends too!


The Afterthoughts of Tetsu food event

The afterthoughts of Tetsu Food Event

First of all, i know this may sounds naggy and even corny, but i will like to thank all of you for coming to LIC food event @ Tetsu, for without you guys the event will not be complete or possible.

Preparing for a food event althought it might seems to be quite an easy task, but it isn’t because you need to coordinate everybody time, find a suitable place, with a reasonable price tag, and furthermore the place can’t be that ‘ulu’ if not nobody will want to go.

All in all it took me a good 2-3 weeks to prepare for this outing, i started the discussions with Pris on behalf of Tetsu three weeks ago, after we finalise everything, i posted up the details 2 weeks ago. I must admit that initially i were quite worried about the turnout rate because this is on a weekday, a tuesday no less, and the price is slightly higher.

The response was overwhelming, within the first week on putting up the notice, i got about close to 40 folks who confirmed their attendance for this one. with another 20 odds confirming on the second week. All in all there were about 60+ people who signal their intention for the outing, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, some couldn’t make it last min, but no worries we will see you the next time round!

In the end, we have a total of 51 people including myself for the event, which is really an amazing figure given its only LIC second time organising a food event, and its on a tuesday where people have to work or study.


Tetsu II: LIC food event

Welcome to LIC Food event II at Tetsu!

Having the experience of organising my own food outing event at OChaCha previously, this time LIC decided to have the second one at Tetsu. The response has been overwhelming, in fact i think its crazy given its a Tuesday night since people have to work and study. A whopping 51, yes 51 friends joined us for this one.

There will be more thoughts about the event in the next post, The Afterthoughts on Tetsu food event. For now, lets go back to LIC main task, food review!


One more week to LIC food event

There’s only one week left to LIC Food outing event at Tetsu, response has been great so far! You can find out more details about this food outing event here, or to see where we went to for our previous outing at OChaCha.

Just for the benefits for people who don’t know about LIC food outing event, its a outing whereby LIC organised for bloggers, readers of my blog, and their friends to come together to eat good food and at the same time know new friends.

Place: Tetsu (Tanglin Mall)
Date: 29th July (Tuesday)
Price: $30 nett per pax
Time: 730pm

Due to the overwhelming response, registration will be close by Friday 25th July. Kindly sms me at 9623 2581 to confirm your seats asap if you will like to join us for this event. If you happen to find out about the event after 25th July, you can still contact me to be on the waiting list.

LIC has booked the whole restaurant for this occasion, the limit is 60 pax, and there’s only a few more seats left, hurry and signed up NOW!


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