11 Peach Delivery Services In Singapore – Where To Get Juicy Peaches During Peach Season


While most fruits are available all year round, they have their varying seasons. This means that different fruits taste better during certain parts of the year even if they are harvested from the same area.

Fans of peaches will be glad to know that the peach season is just around the corner. The period between July and August is when these plump, juicy fruits are at their peak and it’s the best time for you to stock up on them.

Here is a list of 12 places where you can get the sweetest peaches in Singapore during peach season.


Famous Luke’s Lobster Is Opening In Singapore At Shaw House On The Week Of 21 Sep


Luke’s Lobster is finally opening in Singapore at Shaw House next month. Luke’s Lobster Singapore is brought in by lifestyle company Caerus Holding, the regional partner of Lady M ad they are the ones who brought New York’s famous cake boutique, Lady M to Singapore.

They have outlets spread across the United States and Japan with even a food truck in Okinawa. Now, they are bringing the best of the Maine Coast over to Singapore with their fresh Maine lobster, crab and shrimp rolls so don’t miss out.

Luke’s Lobster Singapore will be opening at Shaw House on the week of 21 Sep 2020.


45 Pet-Friendly Cafes in Singapore to Take Your Pets With You Fur A Pawsome & Pur-fect Date

Dog friendly restaurants Singapore

Are you in search of places to bring your fur kids along with you to dine and unwind? Dogs are a man’s best friend and so are other pets. We want to share good times with our best friends just like we do with our pets without being cooped up at home for a change of environment.

It is difficult to look for places where we can spend time with our furry kids apart from the parks around our neighbourhood. Here are 43 pet-friendly cafes and restaurants in Singapore to bring your babies for a pawsome & pur-fect date.


57 F&B Outlets In Singapore That Have Closed In 2020 Including Antoinette & The Pelican


2020 has been a bad year for everyone, period. 

Most industries in Singapore have been badly hit by the pandemic, which has left many of us scrambling to save our sinking boats. The F&B sector especially has suffered and things got worse when the Circuit Breaker was put in place, restricting people from dining out and patronising these establishments.

Aside from COVID-19, many of these F&B ventures have also decided to close for other reasons such as the end of their lease. Whatever the case, we are sad to see these places go and we hope that better opportunities will come their way soon.

With that, here is a list of F&B outlets in Singapore that have closed their doors in 2020.


Singapore Public Holidays In 2021 – When To Take Leave During The 4 Long Weekends


We honestly can’t wait to get 2020 over and done with. It’s only June, yet the past 6 months have felt like a very long episode of Black Mirror.

If you’re like us and you’re looking forward to your next holiday, you may want to take note of the Public Holidays for 2021. While there may still be plenty of uncertainty over whether it would be possible for us to be able to travel overseas next year, a little early planning never hurts anyone.

There will be 11 annual public holidays in 2021, where three of these will fall on a Friday and one will be on a Monday. Altogether, there will be four long weekends, three fewer than in 2020.


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