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Located at the far end of the North-Eastern side of Singapore, Waterway Point has become a huge hit ever since it first opened its doors in January 2016. Waterway Point has everything we need!

From endless food choices to a huge IMAX cinema, you can spend a day here shopping and dining to your heart’s content. One of the mall’s best features is undoubtedly the selection of food. You have choices ranging from inexpensive snacks to higher end Chinese or Japanese restaurants where you can treat yourself to a spread.

Get ready to be spoilt for choice. Here are all the amazing restaurants you can pick from their extensive list!


10 Types Of People You Meet At A Buffet – Singapore Edition

People at buffet

You probably go to enough buffets in Singapore and have seen the best and the worst of people. Admit it, when it comes to free-flow food, many unleash the inner beast in them.

Dining etiquette almost always never applies when it comes to buffets, not even in the most prestigious of hotels. Although we diss those who conduct themselves poorly in buffets, we might also be guilty of some of these acts. Hogging the sashimi counter? Camping at the lobster grill? They are all relatable.

Find out what kind of person you are at a buffet and what are the other people you might meet there.


10 Outrageously Luxurious Food In The World With The Most Ridiculous Price Tags

Expensive Foods In The World
Image: rocketnews24

Food is a luxury in itself but with an increasing demand for opulent food, more and more cafes and restaurants are stepping up their game. Dishing out and creating dishes laced with caviar, white truffle, edible gold and other top-of-the-line food items are just some of the ways to stand out.

But how far is too far when it comes to luxurious dishes? In our research, we chanced upon a singular meal that costs US$12,000! Is it really worth it? Have people taken “treat yourself” to a whole new out-of-this-world level?

Here are 10 Outrageously Luxurious Food In The World With The Most Ridiculous Price Tags. Brace yourselves.


Kampong Glam – Visit This Vibrant Neighbourhood With Rich Heritage

Kampong Glam

Kampong Glam is a neighbourhood in Singapore that is so rich with heritage and culture. Located in the vicinity of Bugis and just beside popular areas such as Arab Street and Haji Lane, Kampong Glam houses one of the most iconic structures in Singapore—the Sultan Mosque.

However, Kampong Glam is so much more. Exuding the charm of old heritage and marrying it with modernisation; that’s what Kampong Glam is today.

The entire area is now a very trendy place where bars and cool cafes have been popping up, juxtaposing traditional shop houses selling textiles, antiques and more. It is one neighbourhood in Singapore you must visit if it is your first time to the sunny island. And for locals with no plans this weekend, #BeATouristInYourOwnCity.


How to Conquer the Best of Hong Kong’s Local Food in A Day With S$50

M&C Duck Hong Kong

One of the primary reasons why we always enjoy our time in Hong Kong is, of course, the food. Hong Kong has many restaurants with different types of cuisine but those can never win our love for its local food.

Dine in a local Cha Chaan Teng (literal translation: Tea Restaurant) over local casual fare such as wanton noodles and roast meat rice, or venture into the streets and get yourself some curry fishballs, egg tarts or even the ever popular egglets.

On a budget? No worries; we are going to show you how you can stuff yourself silly with a small budget. Here is How to Conquer the Best of Hong Kong’s Local Food in A Day With S$50.


Here Are 10 Amazing Ways To Cook Eggs

Eggs Benedict

Eggs are an essential ingredient. These glorious spherical wonders are used in just about anything. From a simple egg wash on pre-baked pastry to being a key ingredient in holding meat together or simply on its own with some fresh toast or steamed rice; eggs are what we cannot live without.

The great thing about eggs is that it is extremely versatile. You can find it in any cuisine internationally. Think a piping hot Asian-style shrimp omelette or some delicious British-style Scotch eggs with a gorgeous orange/yellow center.

Here Are 10 Amazing Ways To Cook Eggs  so you can check more egg-y dishes off your food list.


Beginner’s Guide To Oysters – The Different Types & How To Eat Them

Hilton Oysters

Fresh from the sea, these hard-shelled wonders taste like heaven. Savouring a fresh whole oyster is bliss. Oysters from different parts of the world carry with them their own unique taste and there are hundreds of one-of-a-kind oyster varieties all over.

Oysters have slowly but surely become a food of choice for many, oftentimes recommended to be paired with some of the most luxurious wines.

Also known for being an aphrodisiac, oysters are high in zinc and are frequently referred to as the most romantic food to have on a date because of its containment of amino acids that scientists have proven to trigger production of sex hormones.

Oysters are just so versatile. But how much do we actually know about them? Today, we explore the different types and how to eat them. But because it is such a big topic that we can go on talking about for days, this is but the tip fo the ice berg—nothing too overwhelming for beginners.


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