Here Are 10 Amazing Ways To Cook Eggs

Eggs Benedict

Eggs are an essential ingredient. These glorious spherical wonders are used in just about anything. From a simple egg wash on pre-baked pastry to being a key ingredient in holding meat together or simply on its own with some fresh toast or steamed rice; eggs are what we cannot live without.

The great thing about eggs is that it is extremely versatile. You can find it in any cuisine internationally. Think a piping hot Asian-style shrimp omelette or some delicious British-style Scotch eggs with a gorgeous orange/yellow center.

Here Are 10 Amazing Ways To Cook Eggs  so you can check more egg-y dishes off your food list.

Mee SIam


This is a simple way to cook eggs but it is also extremely efficient. Be it a quick addition to your instant noodles or simply with salt and pepper for a nutritious and easy breakfast. Just boil up the eggs in water and you are good to go

Japanese Omelette

We love watching videos online of skillful Japanese chefs whipping up this layered omelette layer by layer. This is also how sushi tamago is made!


Omu Rice is such an intricate way of cooking eggs. Cut it open and you will be greeted with the most beautiful runny scrambled eggs on the inside. It is best eaten over rice with sauce drizzled all over it.

Eggs Benedict


Poached eggs have become so popular over the years because of the rise of cafes and love for British-style Eggs Benedict. The best thing about have poached eggs is the incredible feeling you get when you cut through it to reveal a juicy runny yolk inside.

Scotch Eggs


Scotch eggs are soft-boiled eggs encased with sausage meat then breaded before being baked or deep-fried. With a crunchy outer layer and a runny yolk center, it is no wonder that many go crazy over it.

Scrambled Egg


This staple breakfast component is loved by many because it is another way to efficiently whip up a tasty meal. Just beat your raw eggs in a bowl then stir it around your heated pan and wa-la!

Soft Boiled Egg


Soft-boiled eggs are common especially in a traditional Singaporean breakfast, together with butter toast and a cup of coffee. Stir it up with some pepper and black soy sauce, then slurp it all up!

Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee


Sous vide eggs are a little more difficult the achieve, but the result is a stunning smooth egg that is not too soft-boiled, nor is it overcooked.

Spanish Tortilla

This classic Catalonian dish is a pretty omelette with potatoes inside. Because of the potatoes, it is especially hearty and good enough for a full meal.

Egg and Cheese sandwich


Last but not least, the classic sunny side up egg. Just crack an egg in a heated pan and you have a delicious egg that you can enjoy with toast, noodles, rice or anything you like!