Mongtan – Best KBBQ In Seoul With Straw-Grilled Aged Beef Short Ribs

Mongtan BBQ Seoul

If you are looking for the best Korean BBQ restaurant in Seoul, look no further than Mongtan which specialises in straw-grilled aged beef short ribs and pork neck.

The waiting time at Mongtan can be as long as 2-3 hours, but trust us, it is definitely worth the wait. We’ve also included tips on how you can get a table at Mongtan.

Mongtan chef short ribs

Located within walking distance from exit 8 of Samgakji Station near Itaewon, Mongtan is one of the most popular Korean BBQ restaurants in Seoul, with locals and tourist alike flocking here to try their famous straw-grilled aged beef short ribs.

Mongtan kitchen

A 280-gram whole beef rib is marinated and grilled in the kitchen over a straw fire with charcoal.

Mongtan straw-grilled beef short ribs

Mongtan straw-grilled aged beef short ribs

After which, the staff skillfully cooks it on a hot sizzling plate at the table before cutting it into small pieces.

Mongtan beef short ribs

The Udae Galbi was tender, juicy and absolutely stunning; this was the best meal that we had during our recent trip to Seoul.

They offer several dipping sauces and wasabi to go along with the beef short ribs.

Mongtan menu

And if you still have space for more food, Mongtan also serves Straw-Grilled Pork Neck (17,000 won for 150g). We didn’t get the Pork Neck as we ordered additional portions of the Udae Galbi.

Mongtan korean stew

Complete your meal with their solid Doenjang-Jjigae (8,000 won). The other dishes on the menu are Soondubu Stew (8,000 won), Spicy Onion Fried Rice (5,000 won), and Cold Noodles (8,000 won)


How to get a spot at Mongtan:

They open for lunch at 12pm, but the queue starts as early as 10am. Mongtan doesn’t allow reservation and you have to queue up to put your name on the waiting list. If you do not have a local Korean number, just let the staff know and they will indicate it on the waiting list. However, that will mean that they will not be able to call you once the table is ready.

The restaurant informed us that they might call us earlier and we would have to get there within 10 mins or they will give up the table for someone else.

We reached the restaurant at 11am and we were told that our table would be ready at 1pm. We eventually got our table at 1.10pm.

The 2-3 hours waiting time may sound scary, but instead of waiting at the restaurant, you can hang around and explore the nearby neighbourhood after putting your name on the waiting list. You can also choose to get a table for dinner and come back later.

You have to check out Mongtan, one of the best Korean BBQ restaurants in Seoul!

50 Baekbeom-ro 99-gil
Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea