JAAN By Kirk Westaway – This Two Michelin-Starred Restaurant Has Reopened With A New Look

Jaan by kirk westaway

JAAN By Kirk Westaway needs no introduction. It is definitely one of best restaurants in Singapore and one that has to be on your bucket list if you haven’t already had a meal there.

Sitting on Level 72 of Swissotel Stamford, JAAN By Kirk Westaway is a fine dining restaurant with one of the best views of Singapore – definitely befitting of any dates and/or special occasions. Helmed by Chef Kirk Westaway, JAAN By Kirk Westaway has 2 Michelin stars and as if these are all not impressive enough, they have recently undergone a makeover and have introduced a brand new look that is more than regal.

There are slight tweaks to the menu, but some of Chef Kirk’s famous Modern British creations remain unchanged so that we can always have a taste of his ingenuity.

JAAN by kirk westaway new interior

Step into JAAN By Kirk Westaway and you’ll instantly feel at home. While it has opted for a classy and luxe decor, the inviting space still feels very much like home – cosy as before, and alluring in many ways. The entryway is kept minimal, with a small lounge area with two emerald chairs that are quite a statement.

The paintings on the wall drew our attention immediately. In beautiful jewel tones, the abstract paintings are reminiscent of Chef Kirk’s hometown in Cornwall – an English county with beautiful, sandy beaches. Very serene, very calming; that was how we felt with the paintings. We loved the vibe already.

Jaan by Kirk Westaway new look

Remember the iconic glass ornaments that hung from the ceiling from the old JAAN By Kirk Westaway? Those handblown Murano glass are reconstructed, retaining about 40% of the original artwork and repurposed into a completely different structure that fills the space and cascades beautifully to an end.

Even the floor was thought through and given a spanking new look – in shades of blues to white, the gradient depicts the waves of the ocean crashing onto the shores of Cornwall.

JAAN by Kirk Westway menu prices

During lunch, you can opt for the 4-course menu at S$198++, and 5-course menu at S$208++. For dinner, the Reinventing British Dinner menu is priced at S$388+. There is a supplement of S$88++ to S$128++ for wine pairing, and cheeses from the daily trolley are optional add-ons, too.

JAAN Krug Champagne

Start off with Krug Champagne and be ready for a stellar meal that you’ll not forget.

JAAN by kirk westaway appetisers

Chef Kirk always gets everyone’s bellies ready with his 4-pc appetiser. This changes seasonally, but at the time of writing, they were serving this White Beetroot Cloud and Smoked Cheddar Pancake on its lunch menu that were so unique and tantalising. The mish-mash of flavours woke up taste buds up instantly.

JAAN Burnt Leek & Potato Soup

There is also Chef Kirk’s signature Burnt Leek & Potato Soup – a simple appetiser that is so rustic and reminds us of a hearty countryside soup.

JAAN Sweet Onion Pie

Onto the Sweet Onion Pie – an eclectic creation that features layers of flavours. The different layers of sweetness from the onion and aubergine was nothing short of impressive, and we were so tempted to ask for more.

You can also look forward to Chef Kirk’s signature Hen’s Egg – the best egg dish you’d ever try, complete with a spoonful of caviar.

JAAN Butter Service

In between these courses, do also look forward to the dark rye sourdough with the most extravagant butter service. We are telling you that this is a show on its own – whenever the service staff pushes the butter trolley out, our eyes are glued to the huge bowl of lusciously creamy butter. The way they scoop the butter out so perfectly and top it with salt from Cornwall is an art.

Served with a bunch of lemon thyme, this seemingly simple bread and butter dish actually has another back story – Chef Kirk spent his earlier schooldays picking lemon thyme as part of his apprentice days. It is often in the simplest of things that exude depth.

JAAN Seabass

Other noteworthy dishes include the Wild Seabass – a clean-tasting seafood dish of fresh seabass, muscles and scallops made better with a refreshing lemon butter.

JAAN BBQ Langoustine

There is also the BBQ Langoustine that Chef Kirk is so proud of. The best thing about eating langoustine at JAAN By Kirk Westaway is that you do not have to deshell it yourself. The next best thing is its accompanying celeriac noodles, brown butter sauce and Kristal caviar.

JAAN Cheese Platter

We can go on talking about our experience at JAAN By Kirk Westaway, but nothing beats dining there yourself. We are a fan of JAAN By Kirk Westaway, always will be, and know that you will be, too. Do yourself a favour and book a table for a meal there before it is impossible to get a reservation next time.

JAAN Desserts

It is still early days, but we are definitely rooting for Chef Kirk Westaway and his team to attain the elusive three Michelin Stars one day.

JAAN By Kirk Westaway
2 Stamford Rd, Level 70, Singapore 178882
Tel: +65 9199 9008