Shinsho Ramen Has 4 New Omurice Including A4 Wagyu, Unagi, Salmon & Ebi

Shinsho Ramen Omurice

Founded by Chef Raymond Tan—the Chef Owner of renown omakase restaurant, Hiryu—Shinsho Ramen is an affordable ramen joint which dishes out solid paitan-tonkotsu ramen as well as a selection of delicious sides such as gyoza, fried chicken skin, Japanese tacos and fried buns.

It has recently introduced four new Omurice dishes that you have to try!

Shinsho Ramen Omurice Dishes

The four new Omurice include:

  • Ebi & Ebiko S$19.80
  • Salmon ikura S$21.80
  • Unagi kabayaki S$29.80
  • Yakiniku A4 Wagyu S$38.80

Shinsho Ramen Wagyu Omurice

Out of the four new Omurice, our favourite is definitely the A4 Wagyu Omurice. If you love Shinsho Ramen’s Kuroge Wagyu A4 (S$54) Ramen, you will enjoy the new Wagyu Omurice which comes with slices of Yakiniku A4 Wagyu.

Shinsho Ramen Ebi Ebiko Omurice

The Ebi & Ebiko Omurice is a hearty dish of Japanese omelette with prawns and Ebiko.

The Salmon Ikura Omurice features pan-seared salmon with a homemade teriyaki sauce and we love that it comes with a generous topping of Ikura.

Shinsho Ramen Grilled Surume Ika

Other than the four new Omurice, Shinsho Ramen has also added three new appetisers to the menu:

  • Grilled Surume Ika S$24
  • Buta Bara Karaage S$9.90
  • Salmon carpaccio S$10.90

The squid is coated with a spicy miso marination and grilled to perfection.

Shinsho Ramen Buta Bara Karaage

Shinsho Ramen’s Buta Bara Karaage is super addictive and it goes really well with an ice cold beer.

Shinsho ramen paitan ramen

And if it is your first time dining at Shinsho Ramen, you must order their signature Paitan ramen.

The broth is standardized and they are all Paitan-tonkotsu. Boiled for more than 24hrs with chicken carcasses and pork bones, look forward to a full-bodied milky white broth that is creamy, sweet and extremely satisfying.

The ramen menu consists of the regular options such as the Aged Soy Sauce (S$14.90), Spicy Red Miso (S$16.90), Homemade Black Garlic (S$15.90) and Special Black Truffle (S$17.90). All are very affordable and comes in a reasonable portion for one, with an assortment of toppings such as cha siu, bamboo shoots, grilled baby corn, spring onion and hanjuku egg.

Shinsho Ramen
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