1-For-1 Mains Vouchers, Unlimited Rebates, & Up to 30% OFF At Bedrock, Fat Cow, Kinki & More


Who will say no to good food, let alone good food with tremendous discounts?

One of our all-time favourite restaurant groups has just launched their loyalty program and we are definitely going to be members. Commonwealth Concepts is the parent company of renown F&B names such as Fat Cow, Bedrock The Marmalade Pantry, Kinki Restaurant + Bar and Oriole Coffee + Bar. Yes, imagine all your favourite dishes coming with a discount now!

TriplePlus is Commonwealth Concepts’ first loyalty program and it offers unlimited rebates, 1-for-1 mains vouchers and up to 30% discounts across more than 10 brands under the group and they include some of the hottest restaurants in Singapore.

How do you say no to such deals?! It’s like Christmas came early with TriplePlus! Here’s everything you need to know about this new loyalty program.

Oriole Fully Loaded


- Fat Cow
- Kinki Restaurant + Bar
- Oriole Coffee & Bar
- Bedrock Bar & Grill
- Bedrock Origin
- The Marmalade Pantry
- The Marmalade Pantry Petite
- PastaMania
- PastaMania Pronto x Kraftwich
- Swissbake Café
- ZAC Butchery



TriplePlus has three tiers – Plus1, Plus2 and Plus3, offering different discounts and vouchers for each tier.

Bedrock Origin


If you’re on the lookout for the best deal in town, this tier is perfect for you. Simply sign up for the Plus1 at no cost to enjoy cash rebates and an exclusive 25% birthday voucher.

The Marmalade Pantry Group Shot 2


For young families and professionals, who are avid fans of concepts like Fat Cow, Bedrock and Kinki, but would like a shorter membership validity to feel out the value of this new membership, the Plus2 membership is the one for you.

At just S$20+ for 6 months, you are essentially spending an extra S$3.33 a month for extra benefits and vouchers while dining at any of your favorite establishments and maximise your dollar by getting limitless cash rebates and exclusive discount vouchers guaranteed to get you more bang for your buck!

Kinki Kickass Chirashi Don


Honestly, the Plus3 is a no-brainer for us. Think about it, you can more than cover the cost of the membership fee at only S$38+ with just one birthday celebration at Kinki, Fat Cow or Bedrock. That’s maximum savings and exclusive deals for an entire year.

Be it dining for business lunches, date nights or casual hangouts with friends and family, you can now dine at your favourite restaurants knowing that you’ll be getting the best stretch for your dollar with the Plus3 membership!

Fat Cow Shabu Shabu

Fat Cow Miyazaki Wagyu Steak


Simply sign up for your preferred membership at www.tripleplus.sg. To see your membership perks, log in using your registered email address used when signing up.

and key in your email address on the web portal to log in to your membership.

When dining at the outlet, mention your phone number to the service staff at the point of ordering and let them know your choice of benefits you wish to redeem.

Our advice is to plan what vouchers you want to use ahead of time/check how much rebates Dollars $ you have and what’s the best voucher to use during that time for greater savings!

cin cin drinks

We are super excited for the launch of the TriplePlus loyalty programme and will definitely be dining at our favourite restaurants by Commonwealth Concepts even more frequently.

This post was brought to you by Commonwealth Concepts.