Caffe Cicheti At South Beach Avenue Has Closed Down After 5 Years Of Operations

Caffe Cicheti

Previously know as Fynn’s Cafe, Caffe Cicheti has closed down after ending their lease at South Beach Avenue.

Fynn’s Cafe was first established back in 2016 and it rebranded to Caffe Cicheti, a modern-day osteria which specialises in home-styled coastal Italian cooking.

We love Caffe Cicheti because it is a pet-friendly restaurant where you can bring your furkids along and enjoy a great meal.

Caffe Cicheti FB

According to Caffe Cicheti’s Facebook page, they are looking for a new location to move to in 2022.

Caffe Cichetti Pasta

So it is good bye for now, until they find a new space. Meanwhile, you can check out their sister restaurants—Cicheti, Bar Cicheti and Wild Child Pizzette—to satisfy your cravings for Italian food.