10 Atas Restaurants In Singapore That Offer Islandwide Delivery On Oddle Eats

Atas Restaurants with islandwide delivery

Oddle Eats is no stranger to us Singaporeans now. Binding our passion and love for food, Oddle Eats is part of Singapore’s F&B social fabric that gathers the nation’s food lovers. With an array of F&B restaurants listed on the platform, island-wide delivery options are available so that these food are accessible for everyone. The platform also helps restaurateurs gain a better online presence and hence, increase revenue.

Now, there is a whole series of cuisine available on Oddle Eats. You might not even think it is possible, but you can actually indulge in a feast from top gourmet restaurants in Singapore with your loved ones at home, too!

Today, we will share with you some ‘atas’ restaurants that are on Oddle Eats, and how you can luxuriate in high-quality food in the comfort of your home, sans the crowd, and with your loved ones. Every meal matters, be spoilt for choices and better yet, skip the line to dine at the best places.

What we love about ordering food delivery using Oddle Eats

  • All restaurants on Oddle Eats deliver island-wide
  • Family bundles
  • Many fantastic promotions initiated by restaurants
  • Amazing periodic banks promo

Bedrock Tomahawk Steak


Awarded with ‘Best Steakhouse 2019’ by RAS, Bedrock Bar & Grill is one of the most popular homegrown steakhouses in Singapore with the finest cuts of steak. Steak lovers will be delighted to know that Bedrock Bar & Grill will be bringing its premium woodfire-grilled steaks and burgers right to your door.

The Tomahawk Steak is great for sharing, featuring a grain-fed long-bone ribeye grilled to succulent perfection over wood fire grill.

burnt ends

Photo credit: Burnt Ends


Voted World’s Top 50 Best Restaurants, Burnt Ends by Chef/ Owner Dave Pynt needs no introduction. The wait for a table at Burnt Ends is usually at least 2 months long, but fret not, Oddle Eats brings the best of Burnt Ends to you.

Burnt Ends has several exclusive set menus on Oddle Eats and it starts from S$187.25 for a meal for 2 which includes 200g Beef Tenderloin Steak, King Crab Leg, Beef Marmalade, Fennel, Orange & Burrata, Bone Marrow Bun, and Berry Tart.

Fat Cow Premium Donburi


Specialising in premium Wagyu that melts away in your mouth, this upscale Japanese steakhouse is the place to try an extensive line up of top-of-the-line wagyu. If you’re looking to treat yourself while you stay at home, you’d be glad to know that Fat Cow has islandwide delivery on Oddle Eats.

From the famous The Fat Cow Donburi to the luxurious Wagyu Sandwich, you can savour Fat Cow’s most popular dishes at home or your friend’s place.

Peking duck


Well-known for roasting their Peking duck to perfection, Imperial Treasure serves one of the finest and most authentic iterations of this prized roast dish around.

With a solemn dedication to preserving the centuries-old methods of the Emperor’s imperial kitchen, the chefs take special care in ensuring that each whole duck is roasted to crisp perfection.

Other than the signature Peking Duck, you can also order a selection of dishes including Roasted Pork, Sauteed Prawns with Singapore-style Chilli Sauce and Pan-Fried Cod Fish Fillet.

Ishi Wagyu Donburi


Located on the second floor of the Intercontinental Singapore Robertson Quay, ISHI serves exquisite Japanese fine dining which focuses on seasonality and traditional techniques.

Having a party at home? Indulge in ISHI’s Premium Sushi Set (S$135) which comes with 10 pcs of premium sushi including Uni and Otoro. Other options on ISHI’s menu include the Bara Chirashi (S$65), Wagyu Don (S$62) with A5 Miyazaki Wagyu.

Majestic Restaurant Peking Duck

Photo credit: Majestic Restaurant


Established in January 2006, Majestic Restaurant by Unlisted Collection is known for its modern Chinese cuisine helmed by owner-Chef Yong Bing Ngen. Regulars to Majestic Restaurant swear by their signature wasabi prawns, stewed lobster noodles and Roasted Peking duck with rose pancake.

Looking to celebrate a special occasion at home? Majestic Restaurant’s Menu M (S$188 for 4 pax) comes with Roasted Peking Duck With Rose Pancake, Double-Boiled Whole Abalone With Black Chicken Soup, Deep-fried Soon Hock With Light Soya Sauce, Sautéed Mixed Vegetables, and Homemade Horfun With Seafood.

Enjoy FREE delivery with min. $100 spend.

Min Jiang Dim Sum


Min Jiang at Dempsey features a repertoire of popular Sichuan and Cantonese dishes, as well as a delectable dim sum selection. Customise a sumptuous meal of Cantonese and Sichuan delicacies from Min Jiang at Dempsey with a 4-course menu for 2 pax at S$100.

S$14 delivery fee with a minimum of S$50 spend. Free Delivery above S$112.15 (after discount).

Odette at home

Photo credit: Odette


Seasonality, terroir and artisanal produce are the guiding principles behind three-Michelin-starred restaurant, Odette, which are all seriously unparalleled in taste and sheer elegance.

ODETTE AT HOME is a curated home-dining experience with a rotating selection of comforting dishes and inspired classics by Chef Julien Royer, designed to be finished off and enjoyed at home together with your loved ones.

Ristorante da Valentino Restaurant


Established in July 2005, Ristorante De Valentino is one of our favourite Italian restaurants in Singapore. Recreate the Ristorante De Valentino’s dining experience at home with chef’s recommendations include Fettuccine Al Tartufo, Spaghetti Live Boston Lobsters, and Veal in Milanese style.

Get free delivery with a minimum of S$150 spend.

Yen Yakiniku

Photo credit: Yen Yakiniku


Yen Yakiniki is a modern Yakiniku dining experience with farm-to-table premium wagyu cuts. Have a Yakiniku party at home and tuck into their Chef’s Selection A5 Wagyu Cuts, Spanish Iberico, and Striploin.

Other than the Yakiniku dishes, you can also add on the Yen Signature A5 Ohmi set (S$49.50) and Yen Signature Kurobuta Pork Belly set S$24.20).

20% OFF SAKE with the purchase of any set on Oddle.

Other than these 10 atas restaurants, there are many other great dining options including Tapas 24, Esora, MeatSmith, Basque Kitchen, and Pasta Bar. You can view them here.

Bored of the usual dining places around your neighbourhood? You can access many restaurants around the island through Oddle Eats. Be it pre-ordering for the family, friends, or colleagues, you can surely find a restaurant that is suitable for all occasions.

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