Here’s Where To Get Affordable Canned Abalones In Singapore For CNY 2021

Snacks Delivery Best Canned Abalone Singapore

What is Chinese New Year without abalones? Abalones are such a staple on the dining table of every lunar feast, and it is quintessentially celebratory in Chinese customs and traditions. These treasures of the sea are widely eaten in Asia, and even more so throughout the Lunar New Year.

Abalones can be enjoyed in many ways when it comes to Chinese cuisine, and good abalones make a whole lot of difference. We are talking about the firmness and taste, and you can really tell the good ones apart.

This Chinese New Year, Snacks Delivery introduces two types of canned abalones in Singapore—Braised Abalones and Brine Abalones, both of which feature Japanese abalones at very reasonable prices. You can quote <newyear> upon carting out for free delivery, applicable to purchases above S$168.

Snacks Delivery is a locally-founded company that strives to bring trending and quality snacks at very affordable prices. Apart from stocking the famous Mala Oden and Hai Chi Jia instant cup noodles, you can also find a variety of canned abalones on the website.

Canned Abalone in Brine

The classic Brine Abalones (S$28) come in a can of 10pcs, with a tasty clear soup that is versatile in many ways! You can add the soup to your steamboat to enhance the flavour, use it to cook your instant noodles (or even pasta!) to make it even tastier or drink it on its own.

A can of 10pcs of plump, juicy Japanese abalones that are firm to the bite at only S$28—the Brine Abalones is what every family needs this CNY. No reunion dinner will be complete without it!

Japanese Braised Abalone

Care to try something different? The Braised Abalones (S$32) come in a can of 10pcs, too. The big Japanese abalones come soaked in a braise sauce that is supremely aromatic. The braise is prepared with quality chicken slow-boiled over low heat, and the result is a thick, full-bodied flavour that is super palatable.

There are various ways to enjoy the Braised Abalones—simply enjoy it on its own, drizzle over plain white or dry noodles, simmer in a claypot with cabbage and tofu, stir-fry with chicken wings… the possibilities are endless.

For both the Brine Abalones and Braised Abalones from Snacks Delivery, you can consume them directly from the can. No cooking is required! Of course, for an elevated flavour, you can heat them up before consuming. Otherwise, they are convenient just like that.

Abalone in Superior Beauty Collagen Broth

And you have to get the Imperial Abalone In Superior Beauty Collagen Broth for your hotpot parties during Chinese New Year. It is a concentrated broth that comes with 4 pieces of abalone, great as a steamboat base.

The beauty collagen broth is rich in collagen, and the thick broth makes a hearty steamboat soup base. You can dilute it with water as you wish, depending on your preference for the flavour strength.

The beauty collagen broth is best paired with the Japanese Brine Abalones.

Baby Abalones - Green Pepper Mala Sauce

Snacks Delivery also has three different kinds of baby abalones that will make the perfect snacks.

Probably the most popular baby abalone on Snacks Delivery, the Baby Abalones in Green Pepper Mala Sauce is doused in a generous serving of green pepper mala sauce that is fragrant and very spicy; this flavour is definitely not for the faint-hearted!

Abalone in white truffle sauce

A can of ready-to-eat baby abalones that make great snacks, the Baby Abalones in White Truffle Sauce is going to be your new addiction. This flavour is so yummy, we bet you would finish everything at a go!

Baby abalones in lobster sauce

And there is also the Baby Abalone in Lobster Sauce that you can get if you are not a fan of spicy abalones or truffle flavour.

Also, all the abalones from Snacks Delivery are halal-certified, so our Muslim friends can enjoy them too!

Remember to use the discount code <newyear> upon carting out to enjoy free delivery for all Singapore orders, applicable for purchases above S$168.

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