10 Under-The-Radar Supermarket Ice Creams In Singapore You’ve Been Missing Out On

Under The Radar Supermarket Ice Cream Cover Photo

We all have our favourite aisle in the supermarket, whether it’s “bread, spreads & jam” or “condiments & dried goods”. For some of us, though, it isn’t an aisle. It’s a full-blown section. That’s right, the ice cream section.

We know, that place is dangerous territory — where temptations flow like no tomorrow and any remnants of self-control we thought we had fade into oblivion. But, some days just call for an ice cream treat.

If you’re always reaching for that same Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey tub or that box of Magnum sticks, we’re here to introduce you to a whole new world. We’ve compiled a list of 10 other excellent ice creams right under your nose that you’ve been sorely missing out on!

How about trying something new for a change? You’ll never know unless you try.

Dreyer's Cookies 'N Cream from FB

Photo Credit: Fairprice


This one’s for all the Oreo fans. Cookies & Cream is no groundbreaking flavour but Dreyer’s has really nailed this classic. Made from fresh milk, the creamy vanilla ice cream is generously dotted with cookie bits for that delicious crunch.

Best eaten with a warm fudgy brownie. Mmm.

Available at Fairprice, Cold Storage, Marketplace and Giant.

King's Teh Tarik Ice Cream from NTUC

Photo Credit: Fairprice


If you didn’t have potong as a child, did you really grow up in Singapore? Potong is no fancy gelato but we’ll always have a soft spot for this nostalgic treat.

As faithful as we are to our OG flavours, such as red bean and black glutinous rice, this Teh Tarik Potong is really leading us astray. It’s has a pretty strong tea profile, making it really aromatic. We can almost hear the slushing of the teh with every bite.

Available at Fairprice and Cold Storage.

La Cremaria Almond Pecan Passion from diffmarts

Photo Credit: Giant


We don’t know which sounds better — the fancy name of the brand or the ice cream flavour itself. Either way, this brainchild of Nestlé’s is really a stunner.

Pecan-flavoured ice cream is swirled with chocolate sauce and almond chunks, promising a nutty, chocolatey and creamy indulgence. Definitely a must-have for nutty fans.

Available at Giant and Sheng Shiong.

MELONA Ice Bar from NTUC

Photo Credit: Fairprice


With its slightly tacky font and plain design, Melona Ice Bar looks pretty unassuming. But, just wait for the plot twist. Fruity, smooth and carried by a hint of sweetness, This potong lookalike is shockingly good.

It comes in an assortment of flavours, from melon to mango, so go on and take your pick!

Available at Fairprice and Cold Storage.

Samanco Green Tea Ice Cream Sandwich from NTUC

Photo Credit: Fairprice


What do you get when you cross a Taiyaki with an ice cream sandwich? No points for guessing. Samanco Green Tea Ice Cream stands out from the sea of ice cream tubs and sticks with its fishy outfit.

But it’s more than just its good looks. The combination of milky matcha ice cream with sweet red bean paste is truly a match made in heaven. The matcha flavour isn’t the most concentrated, so it’s great if you’re not into bitter notes.

Available at Fairprice and Cold Storage.

The Ice Cream & Cookie Co. Onde Onde Ice Cream from official website

Photo Credit: The Ice Cream & Cookie Co.


This brand hasn’t been around as long as some of the old-timers have but it’s certainly not to be trifled with. Their Onde Onde ice cream is a case in point. This coconut milk-based ice cream is infused with all-natural pandan extract and laced with coconut mochi, desiccated coconut and delicious gula melaka.

A taste of your favourite traditional kueh in every scoop. And yes, it’s dairy-free so even the lactose-intolerant people can rejoice!

Available at Fairprice, Cold Storage and The Marketplace.

Wall's Asian Delight Taro Ice Cream

Photo Credit: Fairprice


We can already hear the steps of the orh nee fans running towards their nearest supermarkets. This taro ice cream popsicle looks and tastes like yammy paradise.

Yam-flavoured ice cream spiked with actual yam chunks is coated in a refreshing layer of coconut confection. It’s smooth and fragrant with the occasional soft crunch. Good on you, Wall’s, good on you.

Available at Fairprice.

Wall's Viennetta Chocolate from Giant

Photo Credit: Giant


Touted as “the fanciest ice cream cake of the 90s”, the Viennetta is a dreamy confection of layers upon layers of luscious ice cream and compound chocolate. Yes, sorry to disappoint, but there isn’t actually cake in it.

But, that doesn’t make it any less amazing. This supreme creation will surely have you feeling like royalty as you tuck into it. It’s available in two flavours — chocolate and vanilla.

Available at Fairprice and Giant.

Waraku Hokkaido Fresh Cream Daifuku Mochi With Strawberry

Photo Credit: Fairprice


Whoever thought of putting mochi and ice cream together, thank you. The bounciness of the mochi and richness of the ice cream go hand in hand to create an absolutely winning combination.

Good news — you don’t have to travel down to Japanese marts to get your fix of mochi ice cream. This daifuku ice cream made in Japan is every mochi lover’s dream come true, stuffed with a whole strawberry and fresh cream.

Available at Fairprice.

Wei's Dairy Free Dark Chocolate

Photo Credit: Cold Storage


Here’s another great option for those who are sensitive to dairy. Wei’s Dark Chocolate sorbet is so rich and velvety you’ll scrambling to read the ingredient list to make sure there really isn’t any dairy in it.

And there really isn’t. Vegan-friendly, gluten-free and free of artificial flavours, it’s almost too good to be true.

Available at Cold Storage.