McDonald’s Launches New Donut Sticks For Breakfast – Looks Like Youtiao with Cinnamon Sugar

McDonalds Donut Sticks

With the return of McGriddles and Chocolate Pie that got everyone excited, McDonald’s is also keeping us excited with a new breakfast item that will be introduced on 27 February 2020 – Donut Sticks (from S$2.20)!

McDonald’s always makes us want to wake up early so that we can make it in time for breakfast.

Come 27 February 2020, the new breakfast item will be launched. Think crispy and chewy dough fritters sprinkled with cinnamon sugar; pretty similar to our local youtiao, no?

You can now bring your parents, uncles and aunties who love dipping youtiao into their kopi to McDonald’s because the set that comes with a cup of McCafé Premium Roast Coffee goes for just S$3!

Are you excited? Because we are! 

Note: The Donut Sticks will only be available during breakfast hours, at all McDonald’s outlet islandwide as well as GrabFood and McDonald’s delivery.