Spice Brasserie Is Back With A Spanky New Interior & Best Asian Street Food Buffet Lineup

New Spice Brasserie

With 2019 drawing to a close, many of us are looking for a place to celebrate the end of another year. If you have yet to make plans for the year-end festivities, we’re here to help: why not bring your loved ones to Spice Brasserie at PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road for a captivating spread of Asian-inspired fare and traditional holiday staples?

Reopening just in time for the holidays, Spice Brasserie underwent a two-month-long revamp, and is now back to regale diners with a new gusto. More than just a superficial facelift, its refreshing new interior is inspired by the rich heritage of the Little India neighbourhood it resides in. Moreover, this update allows for a better coherence between the dining space and the Asian specialities offered.

Open Kitchen Spice Brasserie

Of all buffets, why Spice Brasserie? Taking pride in its heavily Asian-influenced spread, dining here means you get to enjoy the best culinary creations the East and West have to offer. You can find a sensational selection of meticulously prepared Asian street food, many of which are freshly prepared by chefs at various stations.

With a selection as magnificent as that, it’s time to bask in that festive cheer; end the year on a delicious note by bringing your loved ones down to Spice Brasserie for a memorable feasting experience!

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Spice Brasserie Interior New

The Asian food that we have come to associate with Spice Brasserie continues to be the mainstay of its spread. Take your time to peruse the curated assortment of dishes from all across the region, of which some are specialities available on a rotational basis – with so many items on display, it can be easy to miss certain gems in your haste.

Start at the multiple chef-manned stations, each of which features a distinctive cooking technique. Whether you are looking for items fresh from the charcoal grill or hot from the tandoor oven, a collective journey through each will give you a literal taste of the scintillating flavours that characterise the region.

Spice Brasserie Char Siew Alt


A prime spot for prime roast cuts, the carving board stand is a definite eyecatcher. If the enticing selection of gleaming succulent meat cuts do not slow your steps, the aromatic wafts from them certainly will.

Begin with a sinfully decadent treat that is bound to set all eyes at the table alight: unlike the usual red variants, this iteration of char siew is finished with a dark ambrosial coating. Contrary to popular belief, this colouration is not from burning the meat during the roasting process.

Instead, the mahogany hue stems from slathering the slabs of pork in a rich char siew sauce with maltose as its base, then placed above an open fire until the glaze begins to caramelise from the heat. The result is a sticky, saccharine layer that encases the entire strip, allowing the centre to retain its signature moist tenderness with a smidge of smoky aftertaste.

Spice Brasserie Porchetta


An equally appetising contender at the carving board is a modern interpretation of the popular Cantonese “Siew Yoke”. Available on rotation during dinner sessions, this stately fixture is a medley of meaty goodness that easily tops any diner’s must-try list.

This luxurious dish is created by first stuffing a generous amount of the kitchen’s unique blend of herbs and seasoning into a pork belly cut, then rolling everything into a tight spiral before letting it slow-roast over a fire.

When done, each slice gives you a wonderful intermingling of textures and flavours – the crisp burnished skin of the pork belly is contrasted against the tender interior, with the entirety of its core saturated with a savoury mix of its own juices and the infusion of herbs.

Spice Brasserie Scallion Chef


A common sight at many Asian street food stands, the griddle is a quintessential kitchen aid that allows diners to enjoy fresh snacks without an extended wait. Migrating that concept into the comfort of its space, Spice Brasserie’s griddle station offers a similar convenience without the stifling heat and crowd typical of a night market setting.

One of the more popular street food items, the Taiwanese Scallion Pancakes is a dangerously addictive and easy-to-pop snack that also doubles as a carb accompaniment to a meat-centric meal.

To get its trademark textural variance, the rolled dough is repeatedly flattened and flipped on the griddle. This ensures both surfaces of the pancake get heated to an even crispness without allowing its folded centre to lose its chewiness.

When ready, you will be met with a savoury treat that is simultaneously flaky yet fluffy, with its predominantly savoury profile occasionally interspersed by the zest of fresh scallions. Grab a couple (or an entire stack) of these for a flippin’ good time!

Spice Brasserie Barramundi


Fancy getting a hot-off-the-grill serving of your choice street food item in a buffet setting? Inspired by robatayaki – a Japanese method of cooking food over hot charcoal – at the charcoal grill, patrons are treated to a front-row seat of (literal) fireworks as they watch bite-sized gourmet versions of their desired items get grilled to smoky perfection.

For a leaner protein alternative, the Seawater Grilled Barramundi is a palatable main to centre your feasting around. The mild sweetness of the fish makes it an attractive option to many; the fire brings out the best qualities of the fish, leaving behind flavourful, supple chunks!

Spice Brasserie Tandoor Kitchen


Once you’ve gotten your share of proteins, proceed down the line until you are met with the earthy scent of herbs and spices. Expect vibrant colours and even more vibrant flavours, many of which hold a slightly smoky aftertaste courtesy of the station’s highlight: a full-sized tandoor oven.

Look forward to a selection of Garlic Butter Rice, Prawn Tandoori, Vegetable Korma, Aloo Mutter, Vegetable Jalfrezy, Butter Chicken and Naan. Do note that the items are on a rotational basis.

Spice Brasserie Naan Collage

If you’re craving for a more substantial carb to pair with the deluge of roasts and meat options, request for a helping of freshly baked gourmet naans– squid ink, cheese, and garlic curry – to wrap up your main courses with. Light and airy, these flavoured naans are tantalising enough on their own, but become truly scrumptious when dipped in the myriad of available curries.

Spice Brasserie Porridge Alt


When you’re done eating through all your favourite Asian street snacks, the mixture of oil and heavy flavours can leave a cloying sensation that diminishes any remaining appetite. If that happens, it’s time to look for a bowl of Broken Rice Charcoal Claypot Porridge to alleviate any mid-meal lethargy.

A luxurious interpretation of rice porridge using Vietnamese broken rice and a mixture of fish, flower clams, and occasionally oysters. Steeped for an extended period, the individual flavours of these seafood morsels permeate the broth, and the starch from the broken rice thickens the soup base.

The result is a nourishing porridge made even richer by a confluence of seafood infusions. A soulful dish that rejuvenates those who seek solace from it, the muted flavours aid in easing the appetites of weary diners, and is definitely a comfort food year-round.

Spice Brasserie Ice Cream Collage


After you’ve sampled your fill of mains, end the night with a foray into Spice Brasserie’s enchanting dessert section. Amble through the colourful displays of sweets; hot or cold, there is a special, beautifully crafted something for everyone.

The highlight of buffet’s dessert spread, the Teppanyaki Ice Cream brings a more exciting twist to this perennial dessert favourite. Poured onto a metal flat-top, diners can watch the spectacle of the station’s chef deftly working his spatulas to create solid ice creams from a liquid batter. While teppanyaki typically entails cooking with heat, the technique is slightly different here: instead of a hot griddle, the surface is cold!

Try out two recommended flavours: Mango Pomelo Yogurt Ice Cream and Matcha Green Tea Red Bean Ice Cream. The former is a refreshing fruity option that belies a complex flavour – the sweetness from the mango and the mild bitterness of the pomelo sacs are compounded against the muted tartness of the yogurt ice cream, and topped with mango pops. The latter is a time-honoured duo of matcha and red bean, which holds a slightly fuller and creamier body.

Spice Brasserie Dessert Collage

If you fancy a more traditional selection of sweets instead, look towards local classics such as DIY Mua Chee with Peanut and Black Sesame and the alluring assortment of Nonya Kueh; for treats with a more novel regional twist, take a gander at the Durian Pengat with Sticky Rice and the Cempadak Crumble.

Spice Brasserie Turkey & Ham


The definite highlight of the festive season, no Yuletide feast is complete until this staple makes its appearance at the table. Sticking to a tried-and-true formula this year, Spice Brasserie unveils a sizable Traditional Roast Turkey Stuffed with a medley of vegetables before burnished with a glistening butter glaze.

The fowl is slow-roasted until its skin begins to crisp and takes on its signature lustrous golden hue. Slow roasting not only keeps the centre moist and tender, but allows the flavours from the glaze and vegetables to percolate and diffuse into the rest of the bird as well.

Even if the composite seems simple, by ensuring each step of the process complies with the kitchen’s exacting standards, the result is an outstanding roast with delectable flavours that easily rivals its contemporaries.

Spice Brasserie Ham


Another classic of the Yuletide season, Spice Brasserie presents a truly opulent take on the Christmas ham with their Bone-In Gammon Ham with Ginger and Sarsi Glaze.

Gleaming under the festive lights, the signature Sarsi and ginger glaze is the natural focal point of this dish. During the roasting process, the glaze begins to caramelise, leaving behind a thin sheen of sweet glaze that cuts through the monotony of the smoky protein base.

Spice Brasserie Log Cake


No buffet is complete without a sweet treat. Clad in Santa’s signature colours, Spice Brasserie’s interpretation of a Yule log is every bit as festive as one can hope for a holiday treat to be. This delightfully creamy number features a more unorthodox light red velvet sponge base, and pairs white chocolate with cream cheese to augment the cake to even more heavenly levels of lusciousness.

Encased within isn’t the usual coils of mousse layers either. Instead, its centre holds a treasure trove of fillings – Griottes cherries, cranberries, raisins, citrus peels; all steeped for multiple months in a blend of rum, kirsch and cognac for added potency.

Spice Brasserie Log Cake Collage

This red velvet sponge base allows for a splendid contrast, lending a dense consistency upon which the bright bursts of flavours courtesy of the brandied fruits and nuts in its core can play off. If you are looking to fit a log cake into your dining agenda, experience this elegantly crafted oeuvre at Spice Brasserie.

For those who prefer to celebrate in the comfort of their own homes but do not wish to forgo this divine treat, this Yule Log is also available for takeaway at S$58+ from now until 22 December 2019. If you’re interested, place your pre-orders at least 3 days in advance by contacting PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road via [email protected], or at +65 6428 3160.

Spice Brasserie Chef Carving

With the festive season drawing near, it’s time to pick up your phones and flex your typing fingers! If you’re quick, you can still enjoy the 20% off Festive Buffets if you book with full payment by 26 December 2019 for slots on either 31 December 2019 or 1 January 2020.

To make a reservation for the aforementioned Festive Buffets at Spice Brasserie, please contact PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road via [email protected], or at +65 6428 3160. Please note that all prices are subject to a 10% service charge (dine-in) and GST unless otherwise stated.

During this most wonderful time of the year, treat your loved ones to a feast at Spice Brasserie for an epicurean adventure worthy of ending your 2019 on. With its phenomenal spread of Asian specialties, pleasantly jovial service, and a perpetually comfortable ambience, a year-end celebration held at PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road is certain to be a jolly good time!

From now until 15 February 2020 (no blockout dates), simply quote “Ladyironchef” to enjoy 25% off Spice Brasserie’s buffet when making your reservations. With limited slots available per day, book now to avoid disappointment!

Festive Buffets
20 December to 24 December 2019: S$52++ per adult | S$26++ per child (6 – 12 years old)
25 December 2019: S$62++ per adult | S$31++ per child (6 – 12 years old)
26 December 2019 to 1 January 2020: S$52++ per adult | S$26++ per child (6 – 12 years old)

20 December to 23 December 2019: S$62++ per adult | S$31++ per child (6 – 12 years old)
24 December 2019: S$88++ per adult | S$44++ per child (6 – 12 years old)
25 December to 31 December 2019: S$62++ per adult | S$31++ per child (6 – 12 years old)
1 January 2020: S$52++ per adult | S$26++ per child (6 – 12 years old)

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