Machi Machi Singapore – Jay Chou’s Bubble Tea Brand Is Opening In Singapore in 2020

Machi Machi

Machi Machi is Jay Chou’s favourite bubble tea brand. And Machi Machi is coming to Singapore!

Dubbed the ‘God of Cheese Tea’ by the Taiwanese media, Machi Machi is set to open in Singapore in January 2020. Like FINA-FREAKING-LY!

We’ve never felt like we needed another bubble tea brand in Singapore, until after seeing how Jay Chou excessively professes his love for Machi Machi’s pearl milk tea and how he even springs surprise visits at the shops whenever he is in a city with a Machi Machi outlet.

So what’s in for Machi Machi Singapore? Here, we share everything we know. Remember: you saw it here at Ladyironchef first.

For the uninitiated, Machi is Hannah Quinlivan’s Pomeranian. If you are going to ask us who she is (have you been living under a rock?!), she is Mandopop Jay Chou’s wife. And that was how the brand was coined.

Machi machi tea

What started out as a merchandise label and cafe then branched out to more successful businesses, including Machi Machi—a bubble tea speciality shop. And Machi Machi rocketed to success; it was an instant hit among Jay Chou’s fans and bubble tea lovers from all over the world.

Since then, Machi Machi has been a pitstop for Jay Chou’s fans whenever they travel to cities with a Machi Machi outlet, and queues can often be seen at its London, Shanghai and Tokyo outlets. Celebrities such as JJ Lin have also been spotted hanging out with Jay Chou at the Tokyo outlet.

So what can we expect from Machi Machi Singapore? Well, there is no Singapore-exclusive menu, yet. And it ain’t gonna be too different from all the other Machi Machi shops around the world. But one thing is for sure: there will definitely be Jay Chou’s favourite drink on the menu.

Machi Machi Cheese Tea

Photos credit: Machi Machi FB

There are a total of 20 drinks on the menu that have been developed from several varieties of Taiwanese teas as base flavours. The tea bases are Tieguanyin Oolong Tea, Sun Moon Lake Black Tea, Pekoe Jasmine Green tea, and Ceylon Highland Black Tea.

Prices will start from S$3.50 for the Sun Moon Lake Black Tea, to S$7 for the Fresh Mixed Berry Slush with cream foam. There will be different drink options including Machi freshly pressed tea, Machi cheese foam, Machi milk tea, and Machi fresh fruit.

The location is a secret, for now, so all we can share is that it is going to be somewhere unexpected yet centralised enough. It will be a 800 sq ft space with no seating area.

And… a little blue bird told us Jay Chou may just bless the shop with a special appearance a few days prior to his Singapore concert in January 2020. We will be sharing more news, so watch this space!