Folks and Stories – Gooey, Chocolate Cheese Cookies and Fluffy Brownies in Queenstown

Folks Cover Picture

For years, Famous Amos has been the “OG” cookie shop in Singapore. Now, it is time to welcome up and coming young bakeries doling out novel cookies that might possibly rival our well-loved predecessor.

Introducing Folks and Stories: a rustic baking studio nestled in the residential estate of Queenstown that serves up quirky cookie creations inspired by personalities of the people around them, as well as tea cakes and brownies.

Here’s what to expect from these young talents.

Folks Cookies

The outlet itself has no dining area, so customers will have to make their purchases online and self-collect it at their shop or opt for takeaway.

Folks Ambitious Sailor

We went for Ambitious Sailor (S$3.50), a sea salt dark chocolate butter cookie. Inspired by those who strive hard and sail toward their goals, this cookie has an unassuming appearance, yet consists of a gooey, chocolatey inner goodness.

Folks Ambitious Sailor Cookie

The fluffy cookie was crisp on the outside but had a soft, chewy middle that oozed decadent chocolate. We also enjoyed the melted chocolate chunks.

Since it was dark chocolate, we expected the chocolate to have a bitter taste, but it was on the sweeter side.

Folks Curious Merrymaker

We tried one of their unorthodox creations: Curious Merrymaker (S$3.50), a double chocolate cookie infused with cheese. This cookie stood out to us as we had never seen cookies paired with cheese before.

Folks Curious Merrymaker Cookie

The sweetness of the chocolate cookie surprisingly blended harmoniously with the savoury cheese, providing contrasting flavour profiles. The softness from both the cookie base and cheese also gave a comforting, luxurious mouthfeel.

Folks Salt of the Earth

Lastly, we tried Salt of The Earth (S$4.20), a milk and dark chocolate brownie. Their brownies are a bang for your buck, as it comes in a huge slab as compared to the measly ones sold in cafes.

Folks Salt of the Earth Brownie

Chocolate lovers will be fond of this brownie, as it had a crisp base and chewy center that oozed luscious fudge. It melted in our mouths when we bit into it, allowing us to relish the treat’s indulgent cocoa flavour. 

Folks Exterior Image

Folks and Stories is one of those underrated local baking studios that definitely deserves more recognition. Do them give them a try, as they might possibly give other cookie shops a run for their money.

Folks and Stories 
Block 163 Stirling Road
Singapore 140163
Tel: +65 8282 7375
Mon to Fri: 10:30am – 6pm
Sat: 10:30am – 4pm
(Closed on Sundays)
Nearest Station: Queenstown