Supparakki Ramen – Ramen Shop In Yishun With Truffle & Black Garlic Ramen Below S$10

cover image suparakki ramen

When Singaporeans see the word Yishun, save for the Yishun-dwellers, they normally think of the many odd occurrences that have been blown up on social media and the news often over the past few years.

However, many don’t realize that Yishun is a treasure trove of rather affordable yet delicious food options! One of them, our latest food-find, is Suparakki Ramen located in Northpoint City, serving ramen under S$10. Meaning “super lucky” in Japanese, you’ll find you and your tastebuds feeling exactly that when you taste their ramen.

black garlic tonkotsu supparakki ramen

First up, we tried one of Suparakki Ramen’s classic ramen bowls – the Tonkotsu Black Garlic Ramen (S$9.90). It comes with a good portion of springy ramen noodles, three slices of thinly-sliced chashu, black fungus, seaweed, spring onions and a gooey ramen egg. You can also choose to have it spicy or non-spicy!

We felt that the broth was quite substantial and had a nice richness, complemented by the slight smokiness of the black garlic oil. However, the black garlic taste faded as we continued eating.

truffle dry ramen suparakki ramen

We also ordered their Dry Truffle Ramen (S$6.90), which is one of their newest menu items. The bowl comes with pulled pork, shredded seaweed, spring onions, black fungus and a ramen egg. The ramen noodles are drizzled in a special sauce that includes fragrant truffle oil.

We were super impressed by the ramen as it had a very strong truffle flavour. Be sure to mix in all the ingredients and the egg so that you get a good mouthful of all the toppings and chewy ramen noodles. We did find the noodles a tad salty, but it was still a pretty legit bowl considering the price point!

ramen toppings suparakki ramen

We also think the ramen toppings deserve a quick shout because despite such affordable price points, they were still super delicious. The egg was nicely seasoned and perfectly gooey on the inside, while the chashu was fatty and tender.

Though the seating area may get a bit cramped, we definitely wouldn’t mind coming back for such affordable and delectable ramen bowls.

1 North Point Drive
Northpoint City, #B2-152
Singapore 768019
Daily: 10am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Yishun