Tang Tea House – Budget-friendly Halal Dim Sum at Simpang Bedok

Tang Tea House Cover

From steaming baskets of siew mai to liu sha baos (salted egg yolk custard buns), dim sum is a well-loved staple among Singaporeans.

Yet, we are firm believers that the best dim sum should not only be yummy, but affordable too. Tang Tea House is a halal dim sum eatery at Simpang Bedok known for their budget-friendly scrumptious dishes.

Tang Tea House Coffee Bun

The Coffee Buns (S$3.40/3 pcs) were up first; from afar, we could already smell the mouth-watering aroma of coffee. The soft bun tore apart easily, oozing thick coffee paste; the gooey filling melted in our mouths with a bold coffee scent that lingered on our palates. The paste wasn’t cloyingly sweet as well.

We thought it was a novel twist to run-of-the-mill lotus or red bean paste; we can safely say this coffee dish was our favourite!

Tang Tea House Hong Kong Style Egg Tarts

Next, we tried the Hong-Kong Style Egg Tarts (S$4.20/3 pcs). The crust was crispy and flaky with a biscuit-like texture. The wobbly goodness was also soft and slightly sweet in the middle without an overpowering taste of butter. It was a pastry done well, unlike other egg tarts that tend to be overly crumbly.

Tang Tea House Steamed Rice Roll with BBQ Chicken

We would recommend trying the Steamed Rice Roll with BBQ Chicken (S$4.20/1 plate) too. The skin of the rice roll was Q and thick enough to hold a substantial amount of chicken filling. Paired with the sweet soy sauce, the piquant dish had a hint of tanginess. The chilli also gave the dish an extra kick of spice.

Tang Tea House Deep-Fried Shrimps Dumping with Mayonnaise

The Deep-Fried Shrimps Dumping with Mayonnaise (S$4.70/3 pcs) was incredibly crispy and the meat to skin ratio was just right. It had a generous amount of filling, with oozing meat and prawn. Dipped into the mayo, the toothsome dumpling was an explosion of sweet and savoury flavour.

Tang Tea House Steamed Chicken Dumpling

Out of the lot, the Steamed Chicken Dumpling (S$4.70/4 pcs) was our least favourite. The skin was slightly doughy, and the chicken stuffing a tad bit mushy. We would have preferred if the skin was thinner and the chicken had more bite. The filling lacked seasoning as well, and the vinegar sauce overpowered the dumpling’s taste.

Tang Tea House Exterior

If you are looking to satisfy your dim sum cravings or simply happen to be in the area, do drop by Tang Tea House and give them a try!

Tang Tea House
357/359 Bedok Road
Singapore 469545
Sun to Thurs: 11am – 2am
Fri & Sat: 11am – 3am
Tel: +65 6445 9100
Nearest Station: Tanah Merah
(Multiple outlets islandwide)