Big Easy in Covent Garden – The Other Burger & Lobster You Didn’t Know About

Big Easy Lobster

We found a lobster shack that can rival Burger and Lobster in London, and it is Big Easy.

Conveniently located in Covent Garden, this hippie restaurant is truly a hidden gem. Despite its proximity to the heart of Covent Garden where The Apple Market is, Big Easy is actually pretty unassuming from its exterior.

And that’s why we’re here with this PSA which you should appreciate: Big Easy is truly the other Burger & Lobster you wish you knew about earlier.

At £20, you get a whole Maine lobster that is beautifully grilled, complete with fries and side salad. Exactly like what you’d get from the other popular kid.

But you know what’s the cherry on top here? Every order of the whole lobster comes with a complimentary cocktail! Lobster and alcohol; it’s awesome, ain’t it?

Big Easy Restaurant

Big Easy’s menu also has the usual suspects: lobster roll and burgers. And there are pretty good ribs too. But we’d say stick to getting the whole lobsters; they are super value for money. For bigger groups, you can also request for sharing portions where bigger lobsters (depending on the catch of the day) are available at seasonal prices.

Not too sure if we were extremely lucky or what but on the several occasions we went, the lobsters were significantly huger than B&L’s, and the meat was a lot fresher.

Oh by the way, there is a shrine of alcohol too where you can expect a spectrum of cocktails; even bespoke ones.

It is now a pit stop for us whenever we find ourselves in Covent Garden. Will it be your new favourite too?