5 Cool Places To Explore In Thailand If You’ve Been To Bangkok Too Many Times

Thailand cities collage

Cheap clothes, countless night markets and tuk-tuk rides through the streets of Bangkok definitely sounds like a good idea for a short trip away from our little red dot.

But picturesque views, clear waters and magnificent historical buildings await us in many other cities that Thailand is home to. While Bangkok is a go-to destination for plenty of good reasons, there is so much more to explore in Thailand—beach destinations, hiking trails and even rural provinces are just a few to name.

Here are 5 alternative destinations to explore on your next trip to Thailand if you’ve had enough of endless shopping and eating in Bangkok!

Phuket Kata Beach


Home to many of Thailand’s most popular beaches and regarded by many travellers all over the world as a ‘Paradise on Earth’, Phuket is definitely an ideal destination if you’re in need of a relaxing getaway where you can simply unwind.

Make it a point to check out Phuket FantaSea, a one-of-its-kind cultural theme park featuring shows, restaurants and a shopping street that represents the Thai culture.

Buriram, Thailand
Photo Credit: allpointseast


Directly translating to ‘City of Happiness’, Buriram is one of Thailand’s most unexplored provinces with just 30,000 people living there.

It is one of Thailand’s smallest provincial capital cities and one that is full of sandstone sanctuaries of ancient Khmer culture and other remnants of the Khmer civilization—something culture junkies will surely appreciate.

Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya
Photo Credit: Ren Fuller


Dubbed as Thailand’s hidden archaeological gem, Ayutthaya used to be the world’s largest city 300 years ago. While this breathtaking city might no longer be the world’s largest, its rich history makes it a spectacular place to explore for cultural history buffs.

Check out Ayutthaya Historical Park, where the ruins of the old city are now being held alongside palaces, Buddhist temples, monasteries and statues on an island between 3 rivers.

Khao Yai


Quite possibly Thailand’s most whimsical city, Khao Yai comes highly recommended by us as a travel destination no matter if you’re going as a couple, family trip or just a solo adventurer.

Situated just a 3-hour drive away from Bangkok, Khao Yai is known to be Thailand’s ‘Little Europe’ for their gorgeous, pastel-coloured Italian-themed neighbourhoods. The beautiful city is also home to Thailand’s third-biggest National Park, Khao Yai National Park, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site!



White-sand beaches, clear waters and picturesque sceneries, Krabi is the perfect places for a getaway filled with lots of fun be it for couples or families with kids. There are countless activities you can do there—hit the waves on a banana boat, soak in nature’s own jacuzzi or go rock climbing!

If neither Krabi nor Phuket tickles your fancy because they might seem too ‘touristy’, fret not for there are dozens of other beach destinations in Thailand including Ko Samui, Surin Islands, Phang Nga Bay and Hua Hin beach!