7 Tips on How You Can Still Travel Often With A Full-Time Job

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Here’s a piece of news to travel lovers —you do not have to leave your full-time job to pursue your innate wanderlust. Let’s face it, not everyone can afford to abandon their families and financial securities to chase their travel desires. Having said that, we want Singaporeans to know that they can still travel, even when working full-time.

When it comes to travelling, full-time workers in Singapore will find that time is the number one issue they face. Yet, there is a significant group of savvy travellers who are still constantly travelling despite the dedication to their established careers. It is no secret—they have great time management skills, make no excuses and plan in advance! And so should you, especially with 9 long weekends in 2019.

Before you complain about the impossibility of travelling due to your limited annual leave, read our 7 tips on how you can still travel with a full-time job.

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Going to a far away country might not be feasible with limited annual leave on hand. Instead of wasting several hours onboard a plane, why not choose a nearby foreign city to explore? Singapore’s proximity to numerous Southeast Asian destinations will allow you to reach another country within a two-hour car, ferry and even flight journey.

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While this travel option might seem hectic, it is actually do-able! Flying off on a Friday night right after work will give you an entire weekend to travel. If flights are too much of a hassle, you can even take a coach to Malaysia or board a ferry to one of the many Indonesian islands. All you have to do is return to Singapore by Sunday night or even Monday morning for work.


If weekend getaways are insufficient for your overseas adventures, it is time you work your travel plans around Singapore’s public holidays that fall on either a Friday or Monday. There will be 9 long weekends in 2019 so do take advantage of that for a longer trip! You can even take annual leave on days before/after the public holiday for an extended trip.

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You should recognise the fact that most of your colleagues are probably after the same period of annual leave. Depending on your job scope, some firms may or may not allow you and your colleagues to overlap your off days. This means you will need to strategise your travel plans way in advance to maximise your time for travelling.


If you have used up your annual leaves but still itching for a getaway, perhaps you could request for unpaid leave. In the event where your unpaid leave is granted, it would be best to coincide them with the weekends or public holidays so that you have more time to travel with your loved ones and visit further destinations.

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Some working executives do get to travel from time to time for business trips. Instead of going there just for work, why not discuss with your bosses and request for permission to stay for the weekend? You probably will have to fork out your additional accommodation and dining expenses, but it is still a great opportunity to travel since you are already abroad!

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While this option is usually only applicable for multinational corporations, working professionals can actually request for a long-term transfer or a short term assignment. Do ask around in your local office and see if there are any available roles and/or assignment in your dream city that matches your capabilities. As the saying goes, you never know until you ask!

If all the above-mentioned tips do not work for your case, you can still travel around Singapore! There is always something new and exciting for Singaporeans to check out. Rediscover the Lion City and you will be surprised by how much there are for you to explore! Staycations are also a great alternative way to escape temporarily from the hectic workload.