PocoLoco (Wisteria Mall) – Authentic Italian Food With A Touch Of Japanese Flair

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Boasting swanky interiors and offering a series of authentic, high-quality Italian dishes without the over-exorbitant price tag attached, PocoLoco impresses with their commitment to providing both tasty food and memorable dining experiences for all. Known to take up residence in Singapore’s heartlands, the restaurant opened its most recent one in Wisteria Mall, located within the Yishun heartland.

Believe us when we say that these folks don’t mess around when it comes to quality Italian food. Featuring a host of unique gems, our breaths were taken away by the likes of the Uni Risotto, Tagliatelle Al Ragu De Angelo and Filleto De Manzo with Foie Gras in Red Wine Sauce, each boasting heavenly sauces and dressings made entirely from scratch.

Their new space is a culmination of good vibes, offering diners a cosy ambience that’s neither pretentious nor intimidating, solid service and authentic Italian food that is just unbelievably good considering its price point. That’s right, their food is all priced relatively affordable to cater to the masses.

PocoLoco Portobello


To start off, we tried the Portobello (S$12.90) that features two overturned portobello mushrooms, oven-baked and stuffed generously with soft, creamy burrata cheese along with a modest drizzling of their homemade truffle essence.

Straightforward from taste to the presentation and elevated with the Earthy scent of truffle, this simple starter impressed with its lovely chewy texture coupled with the rich, creamy molten cheese that spills out onto the tongue.

PocoLoco Cold Cappelini


Served cold, the Cold Cappellini (S$20), yet another awesome starter worth considering, features a mound of chilled angel hair pasta dressed in truffle essence that is topped with fresh slices of Hokkaido scallops, sea urchin and shio kombu.

Nicely balanced with the various components dealt in humble portions, this refreshing dish is an umami bomb that does well to get the appetite going without being too overbearing on the palate.

PocoLoco Lamb Pasta


If proper nourishment and meaty comfort is needed after a long, arduous day at work, then why not consider the Tagliatelle Al Ragu De Angelo (S$15.90). The dish comprises a generous portion of handmade tagliatelle, neatly assembled and well coated in a hearty meat-based sauce before finished with a portion of a lamb rack.

Indulgent, the sauce was thick, resembling more of a stew rather than a sauce. The lamb was cooked perfectly, boasting a succulent pink interior and a crusty exterior. The real money-maker, however, was the homemade pasta which had a nice bite to it and served as a vessel to sponge up all the amazing flavour.

PocoLoco Tagliatelle Prosciutto


Another pasta option to consider—one that offers a good balance between tartness, saltiness and freshness—is the Tagliatelle Prosciutto (S$15.90). Veal jus forms the base of this stunner, with other components such as capers, cherry tomatoes, olives and arugula added to give the sauce texture and depth.

The parma ham was as thin as paper, melting nicely on the tongue and coating every inch of it in a fatty flavour that was just divine. The arugula was also a nice touch as its peppery qualities did well to cut through the richness and saltiness of the other components.

PocoLoco Uni Risotto


Combining the briny ocean flavours of uni with the creamy, velvety texture that is perfectly cooked risotto, the Uni Risotto (S$20) is one that warrants a return visit and is a true hallmark of Italian flair and Japanese precision.

This creamy Italian rice dish is accented with speckles of garlic but is nicely mellowed out by the delicate creaminess of the parmesan cheese. The fresh Hokkaido-sourced sea urchin gave the dish a distinct seafood aroma and umami that played off the cheese nicely.

PocoLoco Steak with Foie Gras


A dish that we would gladly return for is the Filleto De Manzo with Foie Gras in Red Wine Sauce (S$27.90). Placed in the centre of the dish is a perfectly seared tenderloin steak, and perched on top of it is a sizeable medallion of freshly pan-seared foie gras.

Buttery and indulgent, the sweet and tangy balsamic glaze drizzled over top was an excellent (and much needed) touch.

PocoLoco Tiramisu


Made authentically the Italian way, their Tiramisu (S$7.90) features ladyfinger biscuits soaked in a mixture of espresso and rum, layered with a light and airy mascarpone cream and dusted with cocoa powder.

Surprisingly light with a subtle alcoholic punch that hits you right at the end, this Italian classic honestly ranks high among the many that we’ve tried.

PocoLoco Matcha Lava Cake


Promising nothing but sheer indulgence, with a subtle bitterness that works is the Matcha Lava (S$10.90). Unlike the classic chocolate lava cake, this rendition features a fondant that is made using fresh matcha powder, giving it its distinct and complex aroma.

PocoLoco Matcha Lava

When cut into, the outer shell breaks open, revealing an incredibly sexy flow of molten matcha. Best enjoyed with vanilla ice cream, this dessert boasts an alluring sweetness that begs to be devoured entirely (and immediately).

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