JUJU – 100% Guilt-Free, Plant-Based Acai Bowls In Singapore Botanic Gardens For The Hipsters

Juju Group Shot

Acai is one of those superfoods that, besides being delicious and “Instagrammable”, is widely lauded by for its multiple health benefits. Jam-packed with antioxidants, fibre, vitamins and minerals with supposedly anti-cancer and brain-boosting effects, acai bowls are hugely popular among both the hipster and fitness community.

Nestled amidst the lush greenery of Singapore Botanic Gardens, JUJU is a takeaway kiosk that serves a myriad of healthy, wholesome food on-the-go. Their acai bowls, in particular, stand out for being 100% plant-based without the use of any refined sugars and whatnot.

Whether you’re looking for a guilt-free dessert after sweating it out at Singapore Botanic Gardens the entire morning or just a rejuvenating, ice-cold dessert to enjoy as you explore the park, JUJU—located over at the Visitor Services Kiosk—will surely have you well sorted.

Juju Menu

This small kiosk serves a wide variety of wholesome foods ranging from smoothies, shakes and juices to grilled sandwiches and baked goods, all of which are convenient to eat on-the-go.

Their speciality would be the JUJU bowls—essentially acai bowls, these desserts are all 100% plant-based, vegan and refined sugar-free. Available in several flavours such as the classic Acai, Dragon and Chocolate Oat, there’s surely something for everyone.

Juju Original Acai

We opted for a regular Acai JUJU bowl (S$8.50 for regular, S$9.50 for large). Their rendition of the classic Acai bowl consists of a generous helping of Acai which is complemented by house-made chia seed pudding, Medjool dates and a variety of fruits.

Their acai has an icy texture similar to that of a sorbet, as compared to other acai bowls that possess a thicker consistency. However, the acai impressed us with the intensity of flavours despite its texture—neither diluted nor overly sweet, their JUJU bowls surely make for an ideal, cooling treat.

Juju Mandarin Orange Acai

Depending on the season and time of the year, JUJU sometimes crafts out festive flavours for their acai bowls. To usher in the Lunar New Year, the café has come up an all-new flavour, Mandarin Orange Acai Bowl to entice their guests.

Priced the same as the usual acai bowls on the menu, the Mandarin Orange JUJU bowl was one we thoroughly enjoyed. Topped with a bunch of healthful ingredients including bananas, blueberries, granola and mulberries, their Mandarin Orange had a refreshing tangy taste which we felt was a great representation of the fruit itself.

This festive flavour would be around until the end of Chinese New Year. Considering that they nailed this festive flavour, we’d definitely be keeping our eyes peeled for their next seasonal flavour!

Juju Exterior

1 Cluny Road #01-K1
Botanic Gardens Bukit Timah Visitor Services Kiosk
Singapore 259569
Mon to Fri: 11am – 8pm
Sat & Sun: 9am – 8pm
Nearest Station: Botanic Gardens