14 Bubble Tea Home Deliveries In Singapore If You’re Lazy But Bubble Tea Is Life

Bubbletea Collage

There are two things that most Singaporeans can agree on: one, we love bubble tea and two, more often than not, we find ourselves too lazy to go out and get it whenever the cravings hit. This deadly combination does not go very well, Period.

There is, however, a remedy to this problem. We have here a list of bubble tea places that have delivery options so that instead of dragging yourself out to get it, the bubble tea comes to you.



Artease is a no-frills stall that sells an array of light snacks and drinks, but they mainly specialise in teas. They have a wide range of unique bubble tea concoctions that definitely will leave you hooked till the very last drop.

Delivery Options: Deliveroo, Foodpanda



Bober Tea is one of the newer bubble tea places in Singapore that serves up adorable cups of bubble tea that come in a variety of interesting flavours. Their strict philosophy of serving beverages that take on the pure authentic flavours of their ingredients is what makes them stand out from many of the other bubble tea stores in Singapore.

Delivery Options: Deliveroo, Foodpanda

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 5.20.25 PMPhoto Credit: Blackball Singapore


Blackball is famous for its refreshing desserts and their incredibly addictive yam balls. Aside from that, they also sell really solid cups of bubble tea. We recommend getting their Duo Cup so that you can try 2 amazing flavours for the price of one.

Delivery Options: Deliveroo, Foodpanda



Gong Cha is not an unfamiliar name in Singapore and is one of the OG brands for bubble tea. Many of us were devastated when they closed down for a while in 2017 and the queues for their drinks when they reopened again were insane. With their wide range of drinks and affordable prices, it is no wonder they are so popular with us Singaporeans.

Delivery Options: Deliveroo, Foodpanda, GrabFood,

Hee Tea


Not to be mistaken with the newly opened HeyTea, HeeTea is another bubble tea stall that sells deliciously sweet and savoury cheese teas for people who don’t fancy overly-sweet teas. Aside from cheese teas, they also have other interesting flavours such as their Yakult milk tea range.

Delivery Options: Foodpanda

ITEA BubbleteaPhoto Credit: iTea


iTea is popular for their fresh, fragrant brews that use only the best natural ingredients for optimum taste and flavour. Their premium cups of tea are sold at surprisingly affordable prices, which makes them one of our favourite places to get bubble tea from.

Delivery Options: Deliveroo, Foodpanda, GrabFood

LiHo Bubble Tea


One of the more well-known bubble tea brands in Singapore is definitely Liho and every store we go to never fails to have painfully long queues. Luckily, with a delivery option, you can wait for your bubble tea in the comfort of your own home instead.

Delivery Options: Foodpanda

Muyoo TeaPhoto Credit: Muyoo Singapore


Muyoo may not be as famous as other bubble tea brands in Singapore such as Liho and Gong Cha, however, they don’t let that stop them from pushing out refreshing cups of bubble teas. Their cheese drinks have their cheese made from naturally derived milk powder instead of an artificial creamer.

Delivery Options: Foodpanda

SOD Cafe


SOD Cafe is popular for its wide range of sweet treats such as their waffles and ice cream. Aside from that, they also sell a number of deliciously addictive teas that are perfect for those days when you need a pick-me-up in Singapore’s sweltering hot weather.

Delivery Options: Deliveroo, Foodpanda

Sharetea SingaporePhoto Credit: Sharetea Singapore


The popular bubble tea brand from Taiwan is a well-loved favourite amongst us Singaporeans and they have never failed to serve high-quality bubble tea that comes in a variety of exciting flavours. The ingredients they use in their teas also come straight from Taipei, so you know that you are getting only the best in each cup.

Delivery Options: Deliveroo, Foodpanda

Sky BubbleTeaPhoto Credit: Deliveroo

This humble store tucked away in heartland Bishan sells no-frills cups of bubble tea. Their interesting and colourful array of drinks are sure to appeal to any bubble tea lover, both young and old.

Delivery Options: Deliveroo

Tea Tree Cafe


Despite selling both desserts and tea, Tea Tree Cafe still specialises in deliciously sweet cups of bubble tea. We have to admit that we are pretty addicted to their pearls; they’re tremendously chewy and bouncy!

Delivery Options: Deliveroo, Foodpanda

Woobee TeaPhoto Credit: Woobbee


Woobbee’s aim is to serve up healthier cups of bubble tea so that people can enjoy the goodness of a cup of bubble tea without feeling too guilty about it. They also use natural raw sugar in their drinks which isn’t as bad as the chemically processed sugars that most bubble tea brands use.

Delivery Options: Deliveroo, Foodpanda, Woobbee themselves 

Yocha TeaPhoto Credit: vickychan123


Yocha Tea and Desserts are not as well known as compared to most of the places on this list. However, their bubble tea is legit and satisfies our cravings nonetheless.

Delivery Options: Deliveroo, Foodpanda