HEYTEA – Original Inventor of Cheese Tea Opens In Singapore With 1-For-1 Promo

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All the rage about cheese tea and the original inventor of the cheese tea trend is finally coming to Singapore, and it is none other than OG tea brand, HEYTEA.

HEYTEA first started out as a humble tea shop in the Guangdong province in 2012. Since then, the brand has expanded to more than a hundred shops in China including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhen and Shenzhen—all of which have garnered massive queues that can go up to 7 hours long.

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Dedicated to serving high-quality brews made using only the freshest and top-quality ingredients, HEYTEA leaves little to wonder as to why it is the most highly sought-after tea brand in China—and soon, Singapore.

HEYTEA is opening its first-ever overseas outpost outside of mainland China here in Singapore’s ION Orchard on 10th November at 10am. And to show their sincerity and love for the Singapore audience, they are opening with a bang so expect 1-for-1 promotion and goodie bags to be given away for the first 3 days. Here is a preview of the menu!

Heytea Cheezo Teas

Proudly adhering to high standards and the use of high-quality raw ingredients, HEYTEA distinguishes themselves by making sure customers can taste the freshness from the very first sip. Only the best quality tea leaves, fresh fruits, natural rock sugar and natural cheese go into the making of every cup of tea here.

And talk about dedication; HEYTEA’s tea leaves are actually solely grown for the brand, so the tea leaves and blends cannot be found anywhere else!

What’s more, HEYTEA has flown in a group of staff from China to Singapore’s outlet, just so you get the real deal and that the local staff are given proper training and to upkeep the standards from there on.

Heytea Cheezo Teas


Be sure to try out HEYTEA’s signature Cheezo Tea series, such as the classic King Fone (S$5.50), Ever Spring (S$5.50) and Aqua Green (S$4.50). Sure to impress fans of cheese tea, this series may even convert those who were sceptical about the trend.

Heytea Cheese Pour

Every sip varies in textures and flavours. The first sip (make sure the opening of the cap is kept small) will be the mildy salty cheese. Continue sipping and you’ll slowly taste the different layers of cheese and tea. Then, when you finally reach the half-cup mark, that’s when the cheese and tea will be completely blended together and you can savour the milk tea-like taste.

For first-timers trying out cheese tea for the very first time, go for the King Fone—known as the classic Jinfeng Chawang in China (in other words, like the Oolong Tea we are all familiar with), it features a thick layer of smooth, creamy cheese atop their aromatic tea.

Heytea Strawberry & Mango Family


Besides their usual Cheezo Teas, you must also try HEYTEA’s Berry Mango range of refreshing fruit-infused teas that also come with a layer of their creamy cheese.

Made with a blend of strawberry and mango respectively, both the Very Strawberry Cheezo (S$8.30) and Mango Cheezo (S$7.90) is absolutely refreshing like a summer cocktail you’d have by the beach—except this is better because HEYTEA.

Heytea Fruits Boom Series


For those who prefer their beverages without the cheese, HEYTEA also offers a variety of brews available under the Fruity Boom and Pure Tea range.

The various options are Lemon Boom (S$5.50), Golden Pineapple Boom (S$6.80), Orange Boom (S$6.80) and not forgetting our favourite of the lot, the Grapefruit Boom (S$5.90). It is jasmine tea infused with fresh grapefruits to give you this wonderful balance of sour and sweet.

Heytea Interior

Desserts are also available here at HEYTEA’s Singapore outlet.

Made to cater to the local palates and available exclusively in Singapore’s outlet is the Durian Ice Cream (S$4.80) and Salted Egg Yolk Ice Cream (S$4.80). Other desserts you may wish to try include the Tea King Ice Cream (S$2.80) and Mango Ice Cream (S$4.80).

HEYTEA is definitely our cup of tea. And we are sure it will be yours too.

Heytea Melody

Join the queues at ION Orchard on the 10th, and be sure to bring a friend along because it is 1-for-1 storewide for its first three days of operations!

Actually, maybe not. You can easily finish two cups on your own, right?

HEYTEA Singapore
2 Orchard Turn
ION Orchard Mall #B4-29
Singapore 238801
Tel: +65 6908 0019
Daily: 10am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Orchard

This post was brought to you by HEYTEA.