OLDTOWN Black Series Enrich – Instant Gourmet Coffee At The Tip Of Your Fingers

Old Town Black Series 1

There is often debate surrounding whether freshly brewed coffee or instant coffee is better. Some argue that having coffee in powdered form comprises the taste, satisfaction and authenticity of the beverage itself while others rather enjoy the convenience.  Finding yourself on the fence? Perhaps with OLDTOWN White Coffee’s latest blend, you just might favour instant for a change.

Nicely encapsulating all the aspects of any good brew with the added advantage of being so easy to whip up, OLDTOWN White Coffee proudly presents its Enrich variety as part of their new Black Series line of instant, caffeinated beverages.

The brand never failed to impress us with their innovation, consistency and superb quality of their coffee mixes in the past, and this time, it’s no different.

Boasting subtle notes of fruit and chocolate, the flavour itself is nuanced yet bold. Smooth with a flavour profile that excites in a way regular instant coffee can’t, we dare say that we’ve found a coffee brand to stock our pantry with—and here’s why we believe you will too.

Old Town Black Series 3

Made using the freeze-drying method—which is known to bring out the highest quality of instant coffee available—and using high-quality coffee beans to produce their Black Series Enrich Instant Coffee, what you get is coffee powder that is concentrated, aromatic and dignified.

The main distinction between your typical instant coffee and one that is made by freeze-drying lies in the texture. The Black Series Enrich instant coffee provides larger, solid pieces of coffee that when rolled between your fingertips, does not disintegrate and crumble into powder as easily.

Old Town Black Series 2

We’re also particularly fond of the fact that the Black Series Enrich is fully customisable to our preferences. So if you’re the sort that prefers your coffee a certain way, feel free to include or exclude whatever, be it milk, sugar or creamer.

The best part? Regardless of what you decide to add (and in whatever quantity), you’ll still be able to experience the coffee’s robust, full-bodied flavour all the same.

Old Town White Coffee Black Series 5

Many instant coffees have their own way to provide that punch of caffeine but what sets OLDTOWN’s Black Series Enrich coffee apart from the rest is how their fruity, chocolatey aftertaste still lingers in your mouth no matter what concoction you make.

Old Town Black Series 4

We’re people who find it near impossible to function without coffee on a daily basis and we’re honestly glad to have finally found a versatile product that can provide us with both a boost and a shot of pure, gourmet coffee indulgence whenever we want it. Find out more at www.sg.oldtown.com.my.

This post is brought to you by OLDTOWN White Coffee.