Daily Affairs – Tasty Stews & Decadent Rice Bowls With A Side Of Good Vibes

Daily Affairs Group Shot

Located just a stone’s throw away from Newton MRT Station, Daily Affairs is a humble, non-pretentious cafe that serves up comforting nosh with a side of good vibes. The place is dimly lit but it brings a warm and cosy feeling, making it a great place for a nice and quiet chitchat session with your friends and family.

The cafe prides themselves on using fresh herbs that they grow in their own backyard—something not commonly seen in most cafes. The food served here is really affordable, is of great quality and is actually pretty darn heartwarming.

Roasted Pork Belly With Rice

First up on our table was the Roasted Pork Belly With Rice (S$9.90). It is on their daily set lunch menu–which changes each day–and it comes with a soup of the day along with your choice of either coffee or tea.

Boasting tender, succulent meat and crispy crackling, it was the epitome of good roasted pork belly and it definitely had us hooked. The addition of a perfectly poached egg just added more flavour and a heightened richness to the whole dish.

Daily Affairs Modern Caesar Salad

Next came the Modern Caesar Salad (S$8), which was really vibrant, fresh-tasting and unique.

Just like a normal caesar salad, this one came with a fair amount of romaine lettuce and tomatoes, but what caught our attention was that they replaced the croutons with fritter dough—or youtiao as locals may know it as. It added a nice crunch to the whole dish and the addition of a 65-degree egg just brought everything together nicely.

Daily Affairs 8 Hour Braised Beef

Of course, nothing beats their 8-Hour Braised Beef (S$16) when it comes to flavour and comfort all rolled out into a single plate. Marinated in aged Hua Diao Wine and served with a side of mashed potato and field greens, this dish packs a punch with all the different flavours combined.

Although the meat was not as fork-tender as we expected it to be, we were definitely blown away by the special brown sauce that was rich but not too greasy.

Daily Affairs Unagi Donburi

Their Unagi Donburi (S$16.50) comes with a sous vide-cooked egg, along with cucumber slices and pickled ginger that adds a refreshing taste to the whole dish.

They were really generous with the portion of the unagi and we liked that it was soft and pleasant on the palate. The eel was well coated with their special homemade tare sauce and it was topped with sesame seeds that added a fragrant touch to the whole dish.

Daily Affairs
1 Anthony Road
Cairnhill Community Club
Singapore 229944
Tel: +65 6262 4342
Mon to Sat: 11am – 10pm
Sun: 8am – 3pm
Nearest Station: Newton