10 Classic French Desserts That Explain Why The French Are So Passionate

French Desserts

Desserts are taken extremely seriously in France, hence it is unsurprising that the French are blessed with the world’s best patisseries. French desserts are well loved by foodies all over the world and its recipes have travelled far and wide.

The celebration of French cuisine is no longer limited to its national borders. Instead, French desserts have traversed beyond continents and it is now possible to savour classic French treats in almost every cosmopolitan city, including Asian countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

From creme brûlée to éclair and soufflé, here is A Crash Course to Knowing 10 Classic French Desserts. Next time, you’d ace your ordering instead of being baffled by those “unfamiliar” names. Bon appétit!

ClafoutisSource: Clafoutis


Clafoutis is a fruity baked dessert placed in a buttered dish. The treat is characterised by an eggy, thick flan-like batter and most traditional recipes will use black cherries as the main fruit. The finished product is then dusted with icing sugar.

Osmanthus Creme Brulee


Creme Brûlée—also known as Crema Catalana and Burnt Cream—is essentially a dessert comprising cream, egg yolks, custard and vanilla bean. The rich mixture is poured into a ramekin, baked till set and placed into the refrigerator. After that, sugar is placed atop and then torched till a golden brown caramelised surface is achieved.

Crepe Suzette


Soft and thin, the divine French Crêpe Suzette is a delicacy well-loved by natives and foreigners alike. Grand Marnier is poured above the delicate galette, blowtorched and transformed into a viscous caramel sauce. The end result is a plate of flambé crepe quarter topped with tasty condiments of your choice.



French éclairs are distinctive in its shape and texture. Each oblong-shaped choux pastry is stuffed with cream and then coated with icing or sauce. There are numerous flavours and toppings out there, but the classic rendition would be an éclair topped with a layer of chocolate ganache.

Clifford Lemon Tart


Lemon Tarts are refreshing citrusy desserts. Each tart consists of smooth semi-sweet lemon curd contained in a delightful buttery pastry. We love how every bite of this zesty treat leaves a lingering tangy aftertaste.

La Belle Miette Macarons


Macarons exist in all kinds of colours and flavours. Each artisanal bite-size macaron is a piece of art itself. Think two light and crisp meringue-based almond shells glued together with either buttercream filling or ganache.



The Madeleine, or also known as French Butter Cake is a traditional small cake originating from the Lorraine region in northeastern France. The treat—baked with a génoise cake batter—has a distinct shell shape. These tiny buttery cakes are typically dusted with icing sugar before they are served.

Meringue Dessert


Meringue is made primarily from sugar and whipped egg whites. Sometimes, lemon or cream of tartar is added to the sugary treat too. Sink your teeth into a crisp meringue and you will be blown away by how it melts in your mouth.

NougatineSource: Chef Eddy


There are several types of nougats across Europe, but the brown-coloured Nougatine’s origin is France. The texture is firm and crunchy and the recipe excludes egg whites. It takes a certain level of baking skills and patience to produce these delicious treats.

Morton's Souffle


Soufflés have always been a crowd pleaser due to its delightful taste and texture. The egg-based basked dish has been around since the early 18th century and is prepared with egg yolks and beaten egg whites. Served fresh from the oven, the perfect soufflé has a wobbly top that will eventually melt into the ceramic dish to reveal its gooey contents.