Chunky Lobsters – New Lobster Shack With Lobster Rolls At S$16 Nett

Chunky Lobsters

Filled with chunks of tender sweet lobster meat and coated with a blend of mouthwatering sauces such as mayonnaise in between a soft, top-split brioche bread, there is nothing not to love about lobster rolls. If you are on a hunt for the best lobster rolls in Singapore, you would know that the good ones come with heavy price tags that are not for all to digest.

Chunky Lobsters is a new lobster roll restaurant that has opened its doors at Oxley Tower that aims to make seafood affordable for the mass market. Think lobster rolls served in three ways (Chunky’s Original, Chunky’s Connecticut and Chunky’s Cheezy) —all priced at only S$16 nett per roll!

Chunky Lobsters Exterior


Chunky Lobsters is more of a takeaway counter than an actual dining restaurant as seats are pretty limited and would probably be filled during peak hours, especially when the lunch crowd starts filing in on weekdays.

Instead of dicing the lobster meat up into smaller pieces, which is typically what they do for lobster rolls, the entire hunk of lobster flesh is placed in between hot buttered brioche buns, confirming that what you’re getting is real-deal lobster meat—in addition to the pleasant chew.

Chunky Lobsters Original Roll


We particularly liked how the grilled buns complemented the creamy mayo, zesty lemon juice and their own homemade herbs and spices sauce—which happens to be Chunky Lobster’s closely-guarded secret.

For those who prefer something simple, Chunky’s Original (S$16) allows you to savour the natural sweetness of the lobsters as the condiments are not overwhelming.

Chunky Lobsters Chunky's Cheezy


This one is for the cheese lovers. Imagine the same fleshy lobster meat but this time round layered with different types of melted cheeses that flow right through the buttery buns.

Chunky’s Cheezy (S$16) leaves your fingers slippery with aromatic butter and one bite into the lobster roll will have the gooey folds of cheese oozing out at once. We highly recommend having this decadent roll with their Lobster Bisque (S$3.90) for the complete experience.

Chunky Lobsters Menu

Chunky Lobsters
138 Robinson Road
#02-03 Oxley Tower
Singapore 068906
Tel: +65 9007 6467
Mon to Fri: 11am – 7.30pm
Sat: 11am – 3.30pm
Sun: Closed
Nearest Station: Downtown