O’Coffee Club Xpress – Work-Friendly Cafe With Wholesome Food & Free WIFI

O'Coffee Club Express

For students, working professionals, freelancers and digital nomads, conducive work-friendly cafes in Singapore are never enough and at some of these places, you still have to deal with unstable WIFI, boring freezer food and coffee that is mediocre at best. Now, who has the time for that?

Here comes O’Coffee Club Xpress—a casual cafe that is equipped with free WIFI, power sockets, a curated range of gourmet food and coffee selections, as well as convenient Grab & Go salads and sandwiches for the busy people.

O’Coffee Club Xpress isn’t just for those who are looking for a workspace; if you want affordable lunch sets or a place for a quick lunch, this will be your answer too.

With six outlets islandwide, here is everything to love about the new O’Coffee Club Xpress.

Coffee Club Xpress


With six outlets islandwide, O’Coffee Club Xpress can be found at SMU, Raffles Place, Jurong Point, North Point and Changi Airport Terminals 2 and 4. The cafe runs a fuss-free, semi self-service concept with a range of Western-style hot food options and superfoods at the Grab & Go chiller.

Setting themselves apart from other coffee chains in Singapore, visitors are able to enjoy hearty food made from fresh and natural ingredients daily.

Coffee Club Coffee


At their latest Changi Airport T4 outlet, coffee addicts will be pleased with the range of caffeine beverages using coffee beans that are roasted locally. Their coffee beans are being sourced from 7 different countries. Watch them brew your coffees at any of the O’Coffee Club Xpress hand brew bar in Singapore where they feature 3 distinct brewing methods!

Their 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Beans are also available for purchase at the stores.

Coffee Club Iced Blends

O’Coffee Club Xpress also have various types of iced blends for all those who do not particularly favour hot drinks. Choose from a wide variety of iced blends—including mocha, caramel and vanilla!

Another cold beverage option not to miss is the Frozen Espresso Latte, in which espresso is frozen into ice cubes and put together with milk so it prevents your drink from watering down.

Coffee Club Cold Brew


Have we mentioned that their Cold Brew is amazing? The Organic Jeju Cold Brew is definitely a notch above the rest.

For those who have yet to try Nitro cold brew coffee, it is essentially draft coffee infused with nitrogen which results in a smoother mouthfeel when you drink it. Give the intense and refreshing cold brew a try! 

Coffee Club Matcha Waffle


The bestseller at O’Coffee Club Xpress is their customisable waffles. Diners get to pick their own waffle flavour—namely Matcha, Red Velvet, Charcoal and Original. But don’t stop there! Carry on your creation with their exciting savoury and sweet toppings.

Every waffle order is served with Coffee Maple Flavoured Syrup and Salted Gula Melaka.

Coffee Express Chicken Waffle

We went for Matcha Waffle with Orange Mascarpone Cheese and Mixed Berries, Charcoal Waffle topped with Salted Egg Chicken and Red Velvet Waffle with Bratwurst Sausage and Scrambled Eggs.

Coffee Club Croque Madame

For something comforting, give their Croque Madame a try. While it looks unassuming, the cheese-laden sandwich was the energy booster we needed to start our day on the right note.

Lavishly filled with layers of Virginia Ham, cheese, béchamel sauce and finished with a runny egg on the top, the Croque Madame makes for a great breakfast option! All you need is to pair it with a cup of hot coffee to complete the meal.

Those who are visiting O’Coffee Club Xpress in Changi Airport T4 can also opt for the French Toast, which is exclusively available at that outlet only.

Coffee Club Pastries

If pastries are your thing, you will find plenty of options at O’Coffee Club Xpress. Watch the pastry chef craft them from scratch at the open kitchen beside the pastry counter.

Their in-store bakery carries all sorts of aromatic pastries and some highlights are Apple Turnover, Chicken Pie, Strawberry Basket and Jumbo Sausage Braid. All pastries can be warmed up upon request and are made fresh to order.

Coffee Club Chili Crab Pasta


Refuel your brains with some wholesome food; there are a ton of hot food options too.

Our favourite of the lot is the Chili Crab Pasta but be warned that it is not for the faint-hearted! It captures the essence of our favourite Singaporean local delight pretty well with the pasta being topped with a generous amount of chilli crab sauce and crab meat.

Coffee Club Yakiniku Chicken Thigh

On days when you feel a little more famished, the Baked Yakiniku Chicken Thigh is what you need to go for. Together with the glorious golden brown chicken thigh, this dish is accompanied with creamy mashed potato and refreshing garden salad.

Full Breakfast, Eggs Benedict, Sausage & Mash and Salted Egg Prawn Pasta are just some other choices on the menu.

Coffee Club Lunch Special


Lunch is the best time to visit O’Coffee Club Xpress as that is when you get to enjoy their Meaty Meaty Platter!

Featuring BBQ baby pork ribs, chicken chop, sausage, crispy bacon, sunny sid ups, mashed potato, side salad and creamy pepper sauce dip, this platter can be broken down into individual sets with sides.

O'Coffee Club Grab n Go


If you are in a rush, O’Coffee Club has a convenient Grab & Go station that offers healthy and wholesome food options. A wide range of freshly-made salads and sandwiches are available, with the inclusion of our favourite Wasabi Prawn & Avocado and Smoked Duck salads on the premium line!

Besides that, all sandwiches can be warmed up upon request and are made fresh upon order!

Do note that every O’Coffee Club Xpress outlet differs in aesthetics and ambience, so even if you’ve been to one, you haven’t been to all. There are six outlets in Singapore waiting for you to check out!

This post is brought to you by O’Coffee Club Xpress.