12 Indian Joints In Little India To Refuel After Your Mustafa Shopping Spree

Indian Food Joints Near Mustafa Cover

Any Singaporean who has not visited Mustafa—a glorious 24-hour megamall in Little India— is certainly losing out big time. With six different entrances, it takes a certain level of skill to navigate the madness within.

After a whole day of shopping at Mustafa Centre, head over to one of the many excellent Indian F&B joints around the area to fill your tummy up with rich Indian curry, crispy prata and hearty murtabak.

If you have no idea which Indian joint to pick, refer to our list of 12 Superb Indian Joints In Little India To Refuel After Your Mustafa Shopping Spree.

A B Mohamed Restaurant

Photo Credit: A B Mohamed Restaurant


This casual air-conditioned eatery is just a stone’s throw away from Mustafa Centre. With an exhaustive menu spanning both south and north Indian cuisine, this restaurant is a cut above the rest.

The speciality here is the ABM Malabar Murtabak which is filled with onions, eggs, chicken and mutton all sandwiched in crisp layers of pan-fried wheat dough. Pair this with a warm cup of teh tarik for the ultimate combo.

278 Serangoon Rd
Singapore 218106
Tel: +65 6298 1010
Daily: 9am – 12.30am
Nearest Station: Farrer Park

Ananda Bhavan Vegetarian Restaurant

Photo Credit: HungryAngMo


For a no-frills vegetarian fix, head to Ananda Bhavan. This restaurant has been in operation since 1924 and holds bragging rights as Singapore’s oldest Indian vegetarian restaurant.

A popular eating haunt, Ananda Bhavan is known for its low-calorie options that scrap the use of additives, preservatives and MSG. Indulge in a tempting array of Rava Thosai, Chappati, Aloo Prata and Onion Uthappam.

95 Syed Alwi Road
Singapore 207671
Tel: +65 6398 0837
Daily: 24 hours
Nearest Station: Farrer Park

Balaji Bhawan Vegetarian Restaurant

Photo Credit: Cookloveeat


Adding another vegetarian restaurant to the list, Balaji Bhawan is located directly opposite Gate 2 of Mustafa Centre.

Renowned for their varieties of Chat (fried dough with fillings), North Indian Thali (an assortment of dishes on a platter) as well as the Gulab Jamun (spongy, milky balls), you can enjoy quite a feast here.

103 Syed Alwi Road
Singapore 207679
Tel: +65 9126 7797
Daily: 10am – 11.30pm
Nearest Station: Farrer Park

CMK 2001 Restaurant

Photo Credit: Dan F.


Even if you go shopping at Mustafa at ungodly hours and want some food after this halal-certified restaurant has got you covered for your late-night hunger pangs. From Mee Goreng Mamak, Masala Thosai, Chicken Biryani and prata of all varieties, you can recharge and chow down on decent Indian food before heading home.

2 Syed Alwi Rd
Singapore 207668
Tel: +65 6294 9013
Daily: 24 hours
Nearest Station: Farrer Park

Copper Chimney

Photo Credit: Copper Chimney


The unique selling point of this restaurant opposite Mustafa Centre is the presence of Chinese-Indian fusion cuisine that features Hakka noodles and fried rice incorporating Szechuan peppers.

If you are having a tough time deciding from the elaborate menu line up, go for the all-time favourite Butter Chicken and Tandoori Naan. Alternatively, challenge your palate to the Kung Pao Chicken or perhaps the American Chopsuey.

100 Syed Alwi Rd
Singapore 207676
Tel: +65 6294 8891
Daily: 11am – 12.30am
Nearest Station: Farrer Park

Kebabs N Curries Restaurant

Photo Credit: Nekyouto-Food


If you have explored Mustafa Centre thoroughly, you would have chanced upon this fine Indian dining place on the top floor. Boasting a rooftop alfresco style dining with glass-panelled domed roofs, the place is pretty magical and romantic.

Even though the prices here are not as pocket-friendly as the ones along the streets, you are guaranteed top-notch Indian food here. There are Pakistani dishes too if you would like to switch things up a little.

171 Syed Alwi Rd, #07-00 Mustafa Centre
Singapore 207704
Tel: +65 6419 0749
Daily: 11am – 12.45am
Nearest Station: Farrer Park

Komala Vilas

Photo Credit: Komala Vilas


Sticking to time-honoured traditions, this vegetarian restaurant is no stranger to Singaporeans with its massive loyal following. Since its opening back in 1947, Komala Vilas is famous for Thosai, delectable Thali sets and aromatic chai.

Served with lashings of sambar and chutney, dig into your meal and allow the exotic flavours of Indian cuisine to pamper your taste buds.

76 – 78 Serangoon Road
Singapore 217981
Tel: +65 6293 6980
Daily: 7am – 10.30am
Nearest Station: Farrer Park
Madura's Restaurant

Photo Credit: Madura’s Restaurant


This halal-certified food joint’s menu is incredibly vast with choices ranging from Chinese Sizzlers, Tandoori & Kebab, Aromatic Biryani & Pilao and Seafood Specialties.

Chef recommendations include Mutton Rogan Josh, Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Dum Biryani as well as the scrumptious Kebab Platter. Satisfied diners have sung praises for these dishes that are on point with their robust flavours.

115 Syed Alwi Rd
Singapore 207683
Tel: +65 6294 1268
Daily: 12pm – 1am
Nearest Station: Farrer Park



In a bid to broaden the reach of exquisite South Indian tiffin cuisine, Murugan Idli Shop opened its first stall beyond India, right here in Singapore. As its moniker suggests, the signature here is none other than the mouth-watering Idli (steamed rice cakes) that is served with generous side dishes and a plethora of chutneys.

This vegetarian joint also promises authentic Thosai, Sambar rice and a slew of other full-flavoured savouries.

81 Syed Alwi Rd
Singapore 207660
Tel: +65 6298 0858
Daily: 9am – 11pm
Nearest Station: Farrer Park

Sakunthala's Restaurant Mutton Biryani

Photo Credit: Sakunthala’s Restaurant


From its inception in 1997, halal-certified Sakunthala’s Restaurant is a popular eatery that is more often than not teeming with people who casually devour lip-smacking biryani meals here.

The mind-boggling array of classic Naan, Thosai and Prata will also leave you in a tough spot to decide. To stave off the food coma thereafter, be sure to order the Masala Tea or the Ginger Tea.

88 Syed Alwi Rd
Singapore 207667
Tel: +65 6293 6649
Daily: 11am – 3am
Nearest Station: Farrer Park

Sankranti Restaurant

Photo Credit: Sankranti Restaurant


The expertly cooked Dum Biryani here hits all the right spots and the spiciness of the accompanying curries adds a lovely zing! Aside from their signature biryani, the restaurant’s forte revolves primarily around the spicy Andhra cuisine.

Savour delicious appetisers, juicy tandoor kebabs, soft Indian bread and perfectly seasoned curries amongst others.

79 Syed Alwi Rd
Singapore 207658
Tel: +65 6292 7655
Daily: 11am – 4pm, 6pm – 12.30am
Nearest Station: Farrer Park

Usman's Restaurant

Photo Credit: Cindy K


Despite being situated slightly further from Mustafa Centre, this special place rounds up the list for its highly affordable Pakistani and North Indian fare. The fluffy Naan here boasts incredible texture and is traditionally made using a claypot oven known as a “tandoor”.

Their menu features everything from tandoori specialities to paneer and even briyani.

238 Serangoon Rd
Singapore 218085
Tel: +65 6296 8949
Daily: 12pm – 2am
Nearest Station: Farrer Park