Suigun – 40-year-old Okonomiyaki Stall In Hiroshima You Must Dine At

Suigun Okonomiyaki - Hiroshima 1

When in Hiroshima, one quintessential dish to try is Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki. And where better to have okonomiyaki than at Okonomimura—an okonomiyaki village with 24 different okonomiyaki eateries.

But amongst the 24, Suigun—a 40-year-old family eatery nestled in the corner of the third level of Okonomimura—is our top pick. Helmed by a mother-daughter team, Suigun won our hearts with its tasty okonomiyaki creations and for how welcome we felt during our dining experience there. 

You must dine at Suigun the next time you are in Hiroshima.

Suigun Okonomiyaki - Hiroshima 2

In operation since the very beginning of Okonomimura, Suigun has been whipping up quality okonomiyaki for the past 40 years. This mother-daughter team will impress you with their passion for okonomiyaki and with the amount of heart that they pour into cooking each diner’s meal.

But for those who are concerned about not being able to communicate in Japanese, there is really no need to worry. Dining at Suigun will be a breeze because all okonomiyaki stalls in Okonomimura have made the effort to provide English menus for their guests.

Suigun Okonomiyaki

At Suigun, diners will have an up-close-and-personal viewing of the mother-daughter team’s classy execution of okonomiyaki. Further, your food will be served to you on the same grill as it is cooked on.

We went with the regular okonomiyaki set (¥1,350 (S$16)) which puts together a beautiful combination of pork belly, prawn, squid, shredded cabbage, egg, chives and yakisoba topped off with Japanese mayonnaise and home-made okonomi sauce.

Each addition of ingredient was so swift and quick that we found our delicious meal ready for consumption within minutes.

Suigun Hiroshima

Although we’ve had our fair share of okonomiyaki, Suigun’s okonomiyaki easily took its place as the best one we’ve had thus far. The ingredients used were so fresh, it was bursting with flavour and we could not help but fawn over how hearty and delicious the dish was.

When dining, try not to overlook or downplay the portion of okonomiyaki served. Trust us when we say that a single set was enough to feed two hungry people!


To get to Suigun, simply climb up two flights of steps, turn left and make your way down towards the end of the hallway. Suigun will be the last okonomiyaki stall on your left before the street turns right.

Okonomimura 3F,
5-13 Shintenchi, Naka-ku,
Hiroshima 730-0034, Japan
Tel: +81 82 541 2999
Daily: 11am – 9.30pm
Nearest Station: Hondori