Amphawa – RM1.90 Thai Boat Noodle In Johor Bahru

Amphawa Thai Boat Noodles

Home to a vast number of cafes and trendy hangouts, the Jalan Dhoby area of Johor Bahru is a place that Singaporeans flock to most during their day trips.

New to the Jalan Dhoby enclave is Amphawa, a cafe that specialises in authentic Thai boat noodles. Besides their myriad of jaw-dropping noodle options that feature 3 different soup bases and a variety of noodle types, what diners can expect is a cosy space filled with lots of natural lighting, lush greenery and even an inbuilt waterfall.

For Thai boat noodles that are close to the real deal and super chill vibes, head on over to Amphawa Thai Boat Noodle Restaurant the next time you decide to cross the border for a day trip.

Amphawa Interior 2 Amphawa Interior

The storefront may not exactly give you the best impression given its tinted glass windows and black facade. But once you step in, you are immediately transported into an oasis that serves as the perfect haven to escape the midday sun.

Amphawa Beef Boat Noodles

The boat noodles here come in 3 varieties of soup broth—Amphawa, Rangsit and Tomyam. The Amphawa is a spicy and sour soup broth, the Rangsit is a clear herbal soup broth and the Tomyam is well, everything you would expect tom yum to be.

Out of curiosity, and mostly because the portion sizes per bowl here are extremely tiny, we got both the Amphawa and the Rangsit Beef Boat Noodles (RM1.90 per bowl) to try. Like its description, the Amphawa soup broth boasted a sour taste and a subtle spicy kick that was rounded out nicely by the thick and flavourful beef broth.

The Rangsit, on the other hand, was a tad cleaner in taste with mild herbal notes coming through. Both beef bowls came with one beef ball as well as a small garnish of pulled beef.

Amphawa Chicken Boat Noodle

Similar to the beef boat noodle, the Chicken Boat Noodle (RM1.90) also comes with your choice of either the Amphawa or Rangsit soup broth—to which we obviously got both.

Although the difference was not as prominent, we must admit that the chicken version seemed a lot less heavily flavoured than the beef.

Amphawa Tom Yam Prawn Boat Noodle

Hands down the best of the lot, the Tomyam Prawn Boat Noodle (RM1.90) comes served with cilantro, chillies and a piece of crunchy prawn. The soup base encompassed the elements of sweet, salty, sour and spicy perfectly.

Amphawa Milk Tea Kaya Toast

After having knocked back about a hundred bowls, it probably wouldn’t hurt to round off your meal on a sweet note. Their Milk Tea Kaya Toast (RM6.90) is a good dessert to opt for. Drizzled with a milk tea-infused kaya, the thick toast is then given a generous sprinkle of desiccated coconut.

Amphawa Drinks

There are also lots of cool and colourful beverages to choose from. We went for the Thai Green Tea (RM8.90) as well as the Blueberry Soda (RM6.90). All their drinks come in a massive plastic cup that is ideal for sharing between two people.

Amphawa Boat Noodle Restaurant
40, Jalan Ibrahim,
Bandar Johor Bahru,
80000 Johor Bahru
Tel: +60 7-220 0060
Sun to Thu: 11.30am – 10.30pm
Fri & Sat: 11.30am – 12am