Binggrae’s Red Velvet Ice Cream Sandwich & Matcha Waffle Will Make You Go Mashisoyo!

Bingrae Ice Cream

As the trend of Korean culture continues to rise in Singapore over the recent few years, Korean food has become a big part of our daily lives. You can find plenty of Korean restaurants and marts all over the country, with Korean-everything that we all love.

Binggrae is a popular food brand in South Korea and their desserts are especially delicious. Ever since we tried their Pangtoa Blueberry Ice Cream Cake and Mango Bingsu, we have been big fans of their creations. The Pangtoa Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake with Cream Cheese and Green Tea Flavoured Ice Cream With Sweetened Red Bean Paste in Fish-Shaped Wafer are just two of the many colourful dessert products in Binggrae’s extensive line.

The best part about these ice cream products is its inexpensive price tag. You can easily grab one of these in Shine Korea, Hao Mart, Sol Mart and selected provision shops islandwide and enjoy them in the comfort of your home after a hearty dinner.

Here’s what we love about the newest additions—Red Velvet Ice Cream Sandwich and fish-shaped Matcha Waffle.

Binggrae Red Velvet 3


Red Velvet is a popular flavour choice due to its stark and prominent red colour. Modern red velvet cakes are usually made using buttermilk, butter, cocoa, vinegar and natural or artificial food colouring so it has a distinct taste and colour that sets it apart from the rest.

Binggrae’s Pangtoa Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake with Cream Cheese is a gorgeous dessert that tastes even better than its bright red exterior.

Binggrae Red Velvet 2

The red velvet cake sandwiches a delightful and refreshing cream cheese ice cream. Traditionally, red velvet goes hand-in-hand with cream cheese as it is such a complementary pairing. Also, the fluffy red velvet chiffon cake makes taking a bite just so easy.

Binggrae Red Velvet Icecream Cake with Cream Cheese Wrapper

The actual cream cheese ice cream is light and not overly-rich. You can easily finish the ice cream without the guilt after!

Binggrae Matcha


The classic fish-shape dessert is synonymous with Korean and Japanese desserts, hence the Green Tea Flavoured Ice Cream With Sweetened Red Bean Paste in Fish-Shaped Wafer.

Besides the adorable wafer exterior, the dessert is filled with matcha ice cream and red bean paste. This is also a classic pairing that never goes wrong.

Bingrae Matcha 3

The wafer exterior is very light and adds a nice textural variety to the overall bite of the dessert. The green tea ice cream itself is much more flavourful and it packs a punch, especially with the red bean paste.

This combination is dangerously addictive! You will not be able to stop after your first bite.

Bingrae Matcha 2

Both these products are so simple and unpretentious, but oh-so-delicious! Being pre-packed desserts, you can keep them in your freezer for a decent amount of time and grab one whenever you want to without having to head out.

With Binggrae’s products conveniently found in Korean Supermarkets and selected provision shops islandwide, you do not need to pay for overpriced Korean desserts and best of all, you will be able to indulge in these desserts in the comfort of your home at any time of the day!

This post is brought to you by F&N Ice Cream Singapore & Binggrae.