Binggrae’s Patbingsu And Ice Cream Sandwiches Are Truly Daebak

F&N Desserts

Patbingsu and ice cream sandwiches are extremely popular summertime treats in Korea for two good reasons—they help you to cool off from the sweltering heat and at the same time, satisfy your dessert cravings at very low prices.

Of course, it is not practical at all to take a six-hour flight out to Seoul just to try them when you have other commitments back at home. However, do not despair—F&N Ice Cream together with Binggrae have brought in some tasty, honest-to-goodness Korean bingsu and ice cream treats right over to our sunny island!

With Binggrae’s Bingsu Mango and Pangtoa Ice Cream Sandwiches conveniently stored in Shine Korea, Hao Mart, Sol Mart and selected provision shops, you have no reasons to splurge on overpriced Korean desserts anymore. Here’s why you need to stock up your fridge with Binggrae’s latest creations now.

Pongtoa Blueberry


Launched last summer in Korea, Pangtoa Blueberry received many praises from the locals there. It is essentially an ice cream sandwich with two slices of blueberry soft sponge cakes holding onto a generous block of blueberry ice cream.

Yes, this indulgent snack is sweet and bursting with blueberry flavours.

Blueberry Ice Cream

The Pangtoa Blueberry reminds us of the ice cream sandwiches that mobile ice cream vendors are selling in Singapore—comforting, delicious and not to mention, easy on the wallet too.

However, what sets this Korean ice cream sandwich apart from that is the use of higher quality ice cream and soft chiffon cake for a smoother texture. The obvious rise in quality more than makes up for this negligible price difference.

F&N Blueberry

The best part about an ice cream sandwich is that you get to taste everything in one bite. We could taste the cake which was pillow-soft and it broke upon biting. Before we knew it, the richness of the blueberry ice cream flooded our taste buds.

How can something look so simple, yet taste so good? Don’t just take our word for it though, the best way to find out is to try them out for yourself.

If you are not a fan of blueberry, there are other Pangtoa flavours such as Pangtoa Cookies and Cream and Pangtoa Chocolate. They also recently launched Pangtoa Red Velvet, which features red velvet chiffon cake sandwiched with ice cream and cream cheese.

Mango Bingsu


Many Koreans grew up eating patbingsu; this nostalgic snack is hence an important aspect of their childhood. The first origins of bingsu started with just red beans and ice shavings but you can find a luscious array of bingsu toppings these days in the market.

F&N’s Bingsu Mango includes mango yogurt infused in ice shavings. Since its launch in Korea last summer, the dessert has been receiving positive comments from the public. It is now available in Singapore and it is finally our turns to try!

F&N Mango

As more cafes these days are starting to offer bingsu on their menu, it is evident that the bingsu trend is here to stay for a while longer. However, we feel that bingsu is generally overpriced in Singapore and not worth the splurge.

Binggrae’s Bingsu Mango is a (much) cheaper alternative for those who are just looking for something on-the-go. The bingsu’s handy size is also perfect for individual consumption; gone are the days when you have to pay more than ten bucks for a huge bowl of ice that you won’t even manage more than half.

Bingsu Mango

There are two strong flavours in the Binggrae Bingsu Mango that complement each other well—yogurt and mango. The result is a marriage between refreshing fruity flavours in every mouthful.

In true Korean bingsu spirit, there is also the addition of mango fruits in small bits on top of the mango shaved ice to complete the experience.

This post is brought to you by F&N Ice Cream Singapore & Binggrae.