Sigol Bapsang Seoul – 30 Types Of Banchan At Only W8,000 Per Pax

Sigol Bapsang Seoul

Get the ultimate banchan feast for only W8,000/ S$9.63 per person when you dine at Sigol Bapsang in Itaewon, Seoul.

By banchan feast, we do not mean 10 or even 20; we are referring to a whopping 30 banchan dishes, including rice and tofu soup on your dining table! Saying that you are spoilt for choice is an understatement at Sigol Bapsang.

The traditional Korean eatery opens for 24 hours daily, so you can come here for a filling meal at any time of the day. 

Sigol Bapsang Interior

Established in 1986, Sigol Bapsang has been dishing out classic banchan dishes that are well-loved by locals and foreigners. Guests who are sitting on the low tables are required to take off their shoes and sit on mats that are given.

The small Korean eatery is decorated with traditional tools and crockery used in early days that have since been replaced by modern equipment. Seats are limited as the eatery is small, so we would recommend visiting on off peak hours.

Banchan Sigol Bapsang

Sigol Bapsang Banchan Dishes

Apart from the steamed egg, all diners get to share 30 banchan dishes. Each person also has their own bowl of rice and a steaming bowl of soybean paste soup with tofu and seaweed. Yes, all these are yours for only W8,000/ S$9.63. You can even get the ahjumma to refill the banchan sides. What a steal!

Sigol Bapsang Dishes

Guests can expect the standard banchan dishes such as kimchi, pan-fried Korean pancake, steamed bean sprouts, fish cakes, marinated Ikan Bilis, marinated cold tofu, quail eggs, crispy seaweed, mushrooms and more.

Sigol Bapsang Soy Bean Paste Stew

We enjoyed most of the banchan—with the fish cakes and quail eggs being our favourites. Wash it all down with savoury soybean paste soup which was hearty and comforting.

Sigol Bapsang Egg

On top of our banchan spread, we also ordered an a la carte portion of Steamed Egg (W4,000/ S$4.81) which was light and fluffy. Have this in between full-flavoured banchan to strike a balance on your palate.

Sigol Bapsang Seoul

Sigol Bapsang
738-17 Hannam-dong
Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Tel: +82 2 793 5390
Nearest Station: Itaweon/Hangangjin station