Kohi-Ya – New Cafe In Hillview Serving Asian Cuisine With A Twist


With the opening of Hillview Community Club, residents and those who are working near the area now have more dining options apart from restaurants and cafes at HillV2. One cafe that stood out among the rest of the casual dining spots there is Kohi-Ya.

Opened by the team behind Ninepress who also runs Kyu Coffee Bar at Prudential Tower, Kohi-Ya offers Asian cuisine that comes with a Creative twist. Think udon served with Mentaiko sauce, wagyu beef balls doused in Japanese curry and more.

The gorgeous interior is also an added bonus, so remember to drop by this new cafe in the West of Singapore for a weekend brunch with your family or significant other!

Kohi-Ya Interior

Kohi-Ya’s lovely interior exudes a calm ambiance, using light blonde wood for its furniture and tiffany blue as the cafe’s primary colour scheme. Solo diners can choose to sit at the bar and watch the barista in action while those in groups can take up one of the communal tables.

Kohi-Ya Popping Mentaiko

We went for their Popping Mentaiko (S$14), which is an absolutely stunning dish. You get a generous portion of smooth udon in mentaiko sauce and a variety of toppings such as popcorn chicken, bacon bits, onsen egg, seaweed and some fresh flower petals.

The hot Mentaiko sauce was creamy and rich; every mouthful was bursting with flavours. For an elevated taste, break the onsen egg and have it together with the runny yolk. As much as we loved the dish, we felt that there was nothing spectacular about the popcorn chicken.

Kohi-Ya Cheese Steak Burger

Those who are looking for a meatier alternative can try their Good Ol’ Classic Cheese Steak Burger (S$18). Unlike a traditional burger, this one does not come with buns so you do not have to waste stomach space on redundant carbs.

Instead, diners get 200g of minced Wagyu beef covered over with a slice of melted cheddar cheese and sliced mushrooms in brown sauce. The ‘burger’ is accompanied with crispy french fries and a handful of fresh greens.

You can opt for your preferred level of doneness and we would recommend going for medium or medium rare so you can taste the full flavours of the wagyu.

Kohi-Ya Hillview

1 Hillview Rise
#01-04, Hillview Community Club
Singapore 667970
Tel: +65 6288 8488
Daily: 9am – 8.30pm
Nearest Station: Hillview