Hustle Co — New Cafe At Craig Road That Features 12 Craft Beers On Tap

Hustle Co Food Collage

Craig road is a narrow street synonymous for its many chic cafes and fancy restaurants. Hustle Co is the newest addition to the neighbourhood but what sets them apart from the conventional coffee-and-cake joints is their emphasis on craft beers.

Cafes are aplenty all over Singapore but hardly do we ever come across ones that sell craft beers. Which is why we got pretty darn excited after hearing about this particular place.

Serving up a comforting cafe staples for brunch and heartier dishes for dinner, along with a myriad of 12 different craft beers on tap, Hustle Co truly is a cafe which is worth checking out.

Hustle Co Interior

The cafe occupies the entire three-storey shop house with the main dining area situated on the first. The first floor alone is pretty spacious and features many long tables to encourage communal dining.

The interior is decked out in a very minimalistic style; white walls and a few wall paintings here and there, which does well not to overcomplicate things.

Hustle Co Flat White Stout

Ideally, most people begin their mornings with a good hot cuppa, but we like to think that we are not most people so we ordered beer instead. Thankfully, tap number 3 featured a rather interesting brew; Flat White Stout (S$9 per a half pint) which is essentially a rich dark stout flavoured with coffee to give you the best of both worlds.

Hustle Co Beer Pouring

The head was hazy amber with a nice white froth (similar to that of an actual flat white), and the aroma was sweet with notes of freshly ground coffee. Overall, the stout itself tasted quite sweet with a subtle bitter finish.

Hustle Co Pancakes

The Blueberry Pancake (S$18) comes with a gorgeous double stack of thick fluffy pancakes and a generous topping of blueberry compote, fresh strawberries, candied pistachios and a dollop of mascarpone cheese.

The blueberry compote was sweet with a subtle tartness to it and the pistachios provided a nice crunch.

Hustle Co Burger

The Dirty Burger (S$19) features a perfectly cooked 160g beef chuck tender patty, taleggio and cheddar cheese both melted beautifully over top and a thick slice of bacon, all held together by two warm and toasted brioche buns.

As much as it fulfilled all the criteria of a decent burger, we felt that it was not a great one. The beef patty was lacking in flavour and although the bacon and cheese provided a heightened level of salt and richness, it was not enough to make this burger stand out.

Hustle Co. 
52 Craig Road,
Singapore 089690
Tel: +65 9826 3382
(Closed on Mondays)
Daily: 9am – 12am
Nearest Station: Tanjong Pagar