The Matcha Project Specialises In Matcha, Houjicha & Genmaicha Drinks

The Matcha Project

It is true that matcha desserts can be found in most Japanese restaurants in Singapore but if you are on a lookout for a cafe that specialises in matcha, then you have to know more about The Matcha Project.

Tucked in the basement of The Sail—a shopping mall in Marina Bay—The Matcha Project has since made a name among working professionals whose offices are nearby. Feed your tea obsession with matcha, houjicha and genmaicha drinks when you visit The Matcha Project.

The Matcha Project Matcha Latte

Nothing makes a matcha fan happier than a cup of aromatic Matcha Latte (S$5.50) which makes for a great morning drink before work starts. The beverage came in just the right temperature for us to sip on immediately without scalding our tongues.

While we prefer it au naturel with a slightly bitter aftertaste, you get to choose the amount of sugar to add in should you prefer it to be sweeter.

Matcha Project Genmaicha Latte

If a cold drink is what you are looking for to cool off from the heat, their Iced Genmaicha Latte (S$6) is a decent choice. It came with the right balance of cold, creamy milk and rich genmaicha powder which resulted in a robust flavour.

All beverages are made on the spot upon order and right in front of you, so you get to see the different techniques used to create your drink.

The Matcha Project Soft Serve

Yes, we are finally at the best part—Matcha Soft Serve. Served in two different sizes, the original cup goes for S$5 and you can get the large one for S$6.50. We honestly could not find a reason to dislike this sweet treat; it came with an intense matcha flavour and is really refreshing!

Besides matcha, the cafe also offers Cold Brew Soft Serve as well.

The Matcha Project Menu

You can find a good selection of Japanese green tea shots and lattes at The Matcha Project. Some of them include Houjicha Latte (S$5.50), Genmaicha Latte (S$5.50) and Military Latte (S$6).

That being said, non-matcha drinks are also available too. Take a look at The Coffee Espresso’s menu and you wil find plenty of caffeine choices such as Cafe Latte (S$5), Cappuccino (S$5) and Flat White (S$5).

The Matcha Project
#B1-08C, The Sail
2 Marina Boulevard
Singapore 018987
Tel: +65 9223 0245
Mon to Fri: 8am – 6pm
Sat: 10am – 4pm
Sun: Closed
Nearest Station: Downtown