[Closed] FIVE-TEN – Cheap Taiwanese Food At Only S$5 And S$10

FIVE-TEN Rice Bowls

FIVE-TEN is the latest addition to the developing restaurant scene located along South Bridge Road. If there is any way to describe their food, it is total comfort inspired by the dynamic street food scene of Taipei.

During lunchtime, they offer a spectacular array of innovative dishes such as their take on the popular Taiwanese street food, Lu Rou Fan, and at night, the humble and seemingly innocent establishment transforms into a bar where you can enjoy a tipple.

At FIVE-TEN, you can expect quality Taiwanese-style comfort food at super affordable prices.

FIVE-TEN Interior

The interior is dark yet sophisticated, similar to the kind you would expect to find at a speakeasy bar. The brick wall by the bar adds to the ambiance by giving this eatery a rustic feel.

FIVE-TEN has an array innovative tipples like gaoliang slushies as well as a curated selection of beers, wines, and spirits—priced between $5++ and $10++—to cater to the after-work drinking crowd and late night revelers.

FIVE-TEN Fried Chicken 2

For starters, we ordered a sharing plate of their Fried Chicken (S$5++). A mixture of chicken thigh and breast meat are thinly coated with flour and are deep fried till crispy. The dish comes with a seaweed mayonnaise which the chef makes in-house.

The fried chicken pieces were super crisp and surprisingly juicy on the inside. The seaweed mayonnaise added a refreshing umami touch to the dish, creating a new dimension of savouriness which worked exceptionally well with the crispy chicken.


Fans of Taiwanese food fare will be impressed with their version of the iconic Lu Rou Fan

A bowl filled with a generous scoop of Japanese short-grain rice doused in a sweet and savoury sauce is topped with thick cuts of braised pork belly, boiled kai lan and a sous-vide egg.

Each individual element was executed perfectly; the braised pork belly was tender, juicy and beautifully infused with the braising liquid, while the kai lan added a nice crunch to the dish. The runny egg yolk provided an added richness to the dish which we felt was what made the whole dish such a joy to eat.

FIVE-TEN Steak Rice & Egg

One of their popular mains at FIVE-TEN is the Steak, Rice, and Egg (S$10++). As its name suggests, it is essentially a rice bowl with seared sirloin steak topped with a sous-vide egg.

A generous portion of beautifully cooked steak is neatly displayed to showcase its glorious pink shade. It was tender and the few sprinkles of sea salt really helped to bring out the beefy flavours.

The dish comes with pickled Chinese cabbage on the side. We felt that the tartness added a whole new flavour dimension. It really helped to cut through the richness of the steak and the egg.

If tasty innovative Taiwanese-style eats at affordable prices are what you are after, then you need to make a trip down to FIVE-TEN today!

Five Ten
237 South Bridge Road
Tel: +65 6924 7352
(Closed on Mondays)
Tues to Sat: 10am – 10pm
Sun: 10am – 2.30pm
Nearest Station: Chinatown