Deliveroo Editions – New Delivery-only Kitchens That Redefine Food Delivery

Deliveroo Editions

Deliveroo—the food delivery service that many of us have grown hugely dependent on—has just launched a new initiative: Deliveroo Editions. With it, you can say goodbye to soggy and semi-cold meals.

A totally new concept, Deliveroo Editions aims to set up centralised kitchens around Singapore with chefs from your favourite restaurants on site to prepare the dishes that you love, right there and then.

With a much more efficient system, you can be guaranteed to always have fresh and piping hot orders each time!

Aloha Poke Wrap Craft Beer

East-siders rejoice, Deliveroo is adding two more restaurants—Aloha Poké and Kurry Korner—to its Katong Editions which features other restaurants including Muchachos, Pho Stop, Blu Kouzina and Sacha & Sons.

Kurry Korner Fish Tikka

From consumers’ point of view, we get piping hot, fresh food prepared from the central kitchen delivered right to our doorstep, and the restaurants will ensure a smoother operational flow with their external central kitchen arm. With the expansion of Deliveroo Editions, we get access to more restaurants that might not be otherwise available in our neighbourhood.

So, how did the food fare? Did it taste as good as if you were dining in a restaurant (except that you are in PJ’s and are sitting on your own couch)?

Torn between Indian and Hawaiian fare, we decided to go for both. That’s the beauty of food delivery. When you cannot decide on just one restaurant/ type of cuisine, go for all.

Kurry Korner Chicken Tikka

From Kurry Korner, we ordered a variety of Northern-Indian dishes.

The Chicken Tikka is a definite must-try. Boneless pieces of chicken marinated with special spices are grilled in a tandoor oven. Just the aroma of the spicy, grilled meats was enough to get us salivating.

Kurry Korner Tikka Trio

With so many different chicken dishes to choose from, the Chicken Trio might be good for a hit of variety. The best of three worlds, it contains Haryali tikka, Achari tikka and chicken tikka.

Kurry Korner Butter Chicken

An Indian feast is never complete without a good Butter Chicken. Kurry Korner’s Butter Chicken is one of their most popular, as it should be. We were glad that it came piping hot too!

Kurry Korner Naan

Never say no to carbs, and in our case, we tend to overload on them just because we can.

To better enjoy the buttery goodness of the Butter Chicken sauce, we ordered the Naan basket, which comes with three types of Naans. Or if Naans are not your thing, try their rice dishes too! We had the Jeera rice (Basmati rice flavoured with cumin seeds and coriander) and the Mutton Biryani—both were fragrant and filling.

Aloha Poke Poke Bowls

For a slightly less conventional dinner, Aloha Poké has got you covered.

Aloha Poké is known for its signature Poké Bowls. Healthy bowls of greens and fresh sashimi chunks, these Poké bowls can be quite an addiction. Think of them as salad with the addition of fresh fish and an overall elevated taste. Satisfying, to say the least!

Aloha Poke Spam Musubi Sushi

And then there is the Musubi, which is essentially spam sushi. This was so, so, so good. You may belittle a can of spam but the salty goodie works wonders and in the case of Musubi, we get thick slices of spam coated with a sweet teriyaki sauce wrapped atop white rice.

This might just be our new guilty pleasure and hey, we might just order from Aloha Poké again—not for their Poké bowls but for Musubi!

Aloha Poke Pork Belly

Pork lovers will go mad for the pork belly. Crispy fried pork belly served with fresh pineapple slices is a marriage made in heaven.

Normally we are quite sceptical about ordering crispy foods because they often arrive soggy, but with Deliveroo Editions, this pork belly dish was still able to maintain its crunch.

Aloha Poke

This post is brought to you by Deliveroo Singapore.