Royce’ – Hokkaido Nama Chocolate, Potatochip Chocolate & New Ice Cream

Royce' Chocolate Singapore

Royce’ is an all-time favourite Japanese chocolate brand and we have been a fan of the brand for almost a decade.

Ask our friends and every visitor to our house, and they’d tell you our fridge always has a certain Royce’ product—mostly the legendary Nama Chocolate, the irresistible Potatochip Chocolate and the iconic Chocolate Bars. Yes, you bet we are one of the very loyal customers.

Royce' Chocolate

Our loyalty stemmed from the consistently high-quality chocolate and reasonable price tags; they have never let us down. Always fresh, always divine. Royce’s chocolates and snacks make great gifts too.

Founded in Sapporo in 1983, Royce’ started with its iconic Chocolate Bar and today, you can find a whole range of chocolate products including Nama Chocolate, Chocolate Wafers, Petite Truffle, Prafeuille Chocolat, Popcorn Chocolate, as well as the all-new premium Royce’ ice cream.

Here are some of our perennial favourites from Royce’.

Royce' Nama Chocolate


This is a classic and if you haven’t tried it, you haven’t really tasted Royce’.

These velvety smooth chocolates are like heaven on earth. It is our guilty pleasure, our weekly treat, and everything that we seek comfort in.

The cubes of Royce’s nama chocolates have a melt-in-your-mouth texture and every bite into the smooth, luscious chocolate is an indulgence like no other.

A box of 20-piece nama chocolates costs S$15 and it includes a myriad of refined flavours. From the classic Au Lait to the crowd’s favourite Champagne, there is surely a flavour for everybody. Other popular flavours include Maccha, Ecuador Sweet, Milk Cacao and White. From time to time, seasonal flavours are introduced too.

Royce' Champagne Nama Chocolate

Our go-to flavour is ‘Champagne Pierre Mignon’. It is essentially milk chocolate with fresh cream and a hint of the prestige liquor.

The ‘Maccha’ is also a flavour that flies off the racks fast. The base of white chocolate is complemented with an aromatic green tea taste that is derived from powdered premium green tea leaves.

Royce' Bitter Nama Chocolate

If you are a fan of dark chocolates like us, you will appreciate the mild bitterness of ‘Bitter’, a dark chocolate with a hint of liquer.

Royce' Potatochip Chocolate


Best. Chocolate. Potato. Chips. Ever. There, we’ve said it.

Do you love potato chips, and do you love chocolates? We don’t always have the best of both worlds, but what you might now know is Royce’ has made it possible for potato chip lovers and chocolate lovers to actually enjoy the two wonderful food together!

Potatochip Chocolate is a snack that we love so much. It is highly addictive; you have been warned. Think crinkle cut potato chips lavishly coated with Royce’ high-quality chocolate. It is ‘Netflix and chill’ snack all day, every day!

There are four flavours for Potatochip Chocolate—Original, Fromage Blanc, Caramel and MIld Bitter.

Royce' Chocolate Bar


Nothing fancy, nothing over-the-top. Just pure good chocolate in the form of bars. These are Royce’ first product and what won the world’s approval of their premium chocolate. The rich and smooth taste of this evergreen product is something we will never get sick of.

Royce Chocolate Bars

There are seven flavours to love—Milk, White, Creamy Milk, Almond, Black, Rum Raisin and Almond Bitter. Our top picks are Black and Creamy Milk.

Royce' Ice Cream


Introducing the new addition to Royce’ Singapore—Premium Ice Cream. These little tubs of happiness have been so popular since its debut and it is not hard to understand why. The ice cream’s texture is creamy and smooth texture. There are six flavours to choose from—Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Maccha, Gianduja & Cappuccino.

We absolutely love the Strawberry. Every scoop comes with fresh strawberry bits! There is also the Maccha, but of course because Japanese does green tea treats best.

Royce’ Ice Cream is now available in most Royce’ stores in Singapore (except Suntec City and NEX). And there is a current Mother’s Day promotion where you spend S$30 in a single receipt at Royce’ and you can get a free Royce’ ice cream flavour of your choice.

This post is brought to you by Royce’ Singapore.