15 Street Food In Jakarta You Must Try At Least Once In Your Life

bubur ayamPhoto Credit: anindiaulia

The congested traffic along the roads of Indonesia’s bustling capital may be daunting at first glance but we have to admit we are still very much drawn to Jakarta by the wafting aroma and tastiness of their local street food.

Sukun Goreng, Gado-gado and the Pisang Coklat are some personal favourites among the local street selections.

Here is a list of popular street delicacies and snacks to fill your rumbling stomach after a delightful day of meandering through Jakarta’s hustle and bustle.

gado gadoPhoto Credit: visitingjava


The Indonesian Gado-gado is akin to a salad but with a local twist. It comprises vegetables tossed with fried tofu, fried fermented beans, crackers, boiled eggs and lastly, a drizzle of spicy peanut sauce that is blended with extra spicy chilli padi.

siomayPhoto Credit: flickr


Siomay is a type of steamed fish dumpling moulded from fish paste and vegetables. Other common varieties of Siomay are made from tuna, mackerel and prawn. The snack is prepared upon order and sellers usually cut this light treat into bite-size pieces before topping them with spicy peanut sauce and sweet soy sauce.

ketoprakPhoto Credit: iradiofm


Readily available the minute you step into the jam-packed streets of Jakarta, Ketoprak is a great dish for a hearty, local meal. The dish consists of fried tofu, steamed rice cake, vegetables and rice vermicelli.


This is one of Indonesia’s sweetest gems and is the locals’ go-to for a quick afternoon snack. These coconut cakes are crispy, light and served with just the right amount of syrup to satisfy any sweet tooth.

martabak telurPhoto Credit: martabakcahayakestari


If you think this is merely a folded egg omelette, you’re wrong. Martabak Telur is a pan-fried egg omelette mixed with vegetables and ground meat—usually chicken or beef. Trust us when we say one serving is often not enough.

satePhoto Credit: delicious


The aroma of Sates is always so tantalising and it doesn’t help when Sate stalls are everywhere in Jakarta. Though these sticks of marinated skewered meat are common, it is something we must eat when we return to the Indonesian city!

soto miePhoto Credit: tripadvisor


If you’re looking for a heavier meal, how about a bowl of Mie Soto? There are a few variations of the Mie Soto and the ones with chicken broth is our pick. The fragrance of peppered broth, wheat noodles and chopped meat in a bowl is enough to make our mouths water.


The rice in Nasi Uduk is usually prepared with an array of accompaniments and sauces to complement the dish. Fried eggs, tofu, meat, crackers and vegetables are the most common ones. This mixed-rice dish is a definite must-try!

lontong sayurPhoto Credit: kulinersehat


Fall in love with Lontong Sayur’s aromatic, coconut milk curry. The dish comprises steamed rice cake, vegetables and curry broth. The wafting smell of curry was so good that no one can resist ordering a bowl.

gorenganPhoto Credit:astaga


Basically deep-fried goodness. Banana and cauliflowers fritters are two of our favourites and also the most popular types you’ll find.

rujak buahPhoto Credit:zonamakan


Rujak Buah is similar to our local rojak. The sourness of the fruits used in this dish balances out the sweet and spicy Gula Jawa sauce.

pisang coklatPhoto Credit:resepkoki


A piece of Pisang Coklat is always a sinful treat. The experience of having a bite of these chocolate bananas rolled in pancakes cannot be missed when you drop by this city!

bubur ayamPhoto Credit:anindiaulia


There are many travelling street food carts with ‘Bubur Ayam’ written on them. This bowl of flavourful chicken congee isn’t anything special but it remains a popular breakfast dish in Jakarta if you require a quick carb fix.

Sukun GorengPhoto Credit: jepratjepret


By far one of the best snacks in Jakarta, Sukun Goreng is breadfruit fritters that are lightly salted and crunchy.



The last on this list but definitely not the least. In fact, it is our favourite! Martabak Manis is not just your typical pancake or sweet crepe; it is thicker and made using thick pancake batter. These pancakes are usually topped off with sprinkles of sugar, sweet corn and peanuts. THE BOMB DOT COM. Bye, skinny jeans.

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