One Dish To Eat In Jakarta – Mie Bakso

Mee BaksoPhoto Credit: cekhotelmurah

If you reside in the buzzing Jakarta, you may stay at home during the weekends and wait for travelling street food carts to come by so that you can order lunch.

The Mie Bakso sellers approach the neighbourhoods with a stick and a wooden hollow shell to produce a string of hard knocks to create an echo satisfactory to cut through the chattering, residential neighbourhood.


15 Street Food In Jakarta You Must Try At Least Once In Your Life

bubur ayamPhoto Credit: anindiaulia

The congested traffic along the roads of Indonesia’s bustling capital may be daunting at first glance but we have to admit we are still very much drawn to Jakarta by the wafting aroma and tastiness of their local street food.

Sukun Goreng, Gado-gado and the Pisang Coklat are some personal favourites among the local street selections.

Here is a list of popular street delicacies and snacks to fill your rumbling stomach after a delightful day of meandering through Jakarta’s hustle and bustle.


One Dish To Eat In Jakarta – Martabak Manis


As the sun commences its descend into the horizon, pushcarts start lining the bustling roads of Jakarta. Indonesian delicacies are aplenty, but it is the martabak manis that has captivated the attention of both locals and foreigners.

For the uninitiated, the martabak manis is a folded pancake stuffed with sweet ingredients. Describing it as delicious would be an understatement. These sweet treats are beyond sinful and rank extremely high in terms of calories, but its exceptional tastiness makes it way too hard to resist.

The next time you visit the capital of Indonesia, do make it a point to hit the streets and grab a martabak manis from the various roadside vendors. They are typically only sold during the evening onwards.