honestbee – Top Food Delivery Service With S$18 Off An Order Of S$25

Honest Bee

In a fast-paced and thriving society, two things that Singaporeans often look out for when hunting for a meal is convenience and savings. Previously only specialising in grocery delivery service, honestbee is a Singapore-based startup which now has meal deliveries under its belt.

Although it has only been three months since the launch of honestbee’s food delivery service, honestbee does not disappoint in terms of merchants and service. All restaurants featured on honestbee have been picked by fellow foodies who have tried and loved the food. You are entitled to free delivery with no minimum spending now!

The cherry on top? honestbee is offering an unbelievably attractive food delivery deal for our readers where you can get S$18 off an order of S$25. That means you are effectively paying only S$7 for S$25 worth of food when you check out your delivery using the promo code ‘LIC18′; this is crazy! There is absolutely no reason to not try out the service.

Les Patisseries


With honestbee, you no longer have to resort to unhealthy fast foods to sate your hunger. And yes, your food comes piping hot or cold—the way it should be enjoyed. Your truffle fries come crispy and hot, the sashimi on your chirashi don is still cold and fresh; it is as if you are dining at the restaurant when you are actually delighting in the food in the comforts of your home or work.

Haru Haru Chirashi Don

We also need to rave about how our food arrived in an absolutely pristine condition. Our food came neat and was not in any way damaged. We had an order of bak kut teh and not a single drop of soup spilled!

Honest Bee


honestbee promises to deliver your food within 45 minutes of your order.

We have made multiple orders thus far and they include orders from Haru Haru Japanese Restaurant, Rong Cheng Bak Kut The and Esarn Thai Corner. And all our food were actually delivered within 30 minutes!

Honest Bee Delivery


Trust us, even if you have not used a food delivery service application before, honestbee‘s mobile application’s interface is so user-friendly that even technology dummies could work its magic.

After downloading the application on your mobile, simply type in your postal code and the application will display the restaurants and cafes within your vicinity. The options will differ from area to area.

For the sake of convenience, you can also consider registering your card details in your account for future orders.

honestbee’s mobile application also has a live tracking function where you can keep an eye on the progress of your order and be aware of when your food will reach you.

Haru Haru Japanese Maki Roll


What we love about honestbee‘s platform is that they offer great food options at affordable prices. And first-timers, listen up. We have every reason for you to try honestbee’s service.

Pay S$7 for your food. Yes, just S$7 for S$25 worth of food!

For our readers who are also first-time users of honestbee, honestbee is giving you S$18 off your order with a minimum spend of S$25. Simply key in the promo code ‘LIC18′ upon checking out; that’s all you need to do! No catch at all!

Let’s take a look at what you can enjoy for only S$7.

Rong Hua Bak Kut Teh

If you order from Rong Cheng Bak Kut Teh, you can enjoy a Premium Pork Rib Soup, Braised Intestines, Salted Vegetables and Rice for only S$7. OH. MY. GOD.

Have a hankering for Korean food? At Seoul Yummy via honestbee, enjoy a Spicy Rice Cake and Bulgogi Bibimbap for only S$7, too!

For S$7, you can enjoy Italian food at Castel Italiano. How about Meat Balls Pasta or Beef Bolognese with a Prosciutto Funghi Pizza?

And you know what we really enjoyed? Haru Haru Japanese Restaurant’s Haru Roll. It is a cucumber and avocado maki roll topped with broiled salmon and salmon roe. So creamy, so good! Add on an extra serving of Ebi Sushi (2pcs) and your order is only S$7 for so much sushi!

Les Patisseries Chilli Crab Pasta


As if paying just S$7 could not get any better, honestbee has gone above and beyond by throwing in free delivery for every order with no minimum spend! Yes, even if you are a repeated customer, you may not enjoy the ‘LIC18′ promo but you have free delivery for as many orders as you want!

Thank you, honestbee! We are staying home for dinner more often now.

Esarn Thai Corner

Food delivery in Singapore has never been better than this. You need to download honestbee’s mobile application right now and start your journey onward to food paradise.

For all first-timers, do remember to use the promo code ‘LIC18 to be entitled to S$18 off your first food delivery with a minimum order of S$25. This promotion will only be valid for two months. It feels good to eat more for less, doesn’t it?

This post is brought to you by honestbee.