Gram – Insta-famous Japanese Soufflé Pancakes In Japan That Jiggle

Gram Souffle Pancake

You’d probably have seen photos and boomerang videos of these fluffy pancakes on Instagram. They jiggle when you shake the plate, they really do.

All hail Cafe Gram’s Japanese-style Soufflé Pancakes, the one thing you must eat when in Japan!

Cafe Gram became famous for these and we have every reason for you to add this to your must-eat list. Heck, you should even fly to Japan for it!

The soufflé pancakes come in a stack of three thick pieces. The cream-coloured goodie is cooked to order and served warm, and freshness is guaranteed. This means you should tuck into it right after taking your photos and boomerang videos.

Gram Cafe Jiyugaoka

Looking all cloud-like, they sure entice both young and old. Just look around you; every table in the cafe would have a portion of these pancakes.

And yes, they do live up to the hype. It is not just a marketing gimmick as you might see it as. Well, we admit we were sceptical too but hell, were we proven wrong!

Gram Cafe Souffle Pancake

Despite looking like a mountain of sugar, Cafe Gram’s soufflé pancakes are actually pretty light in taste. Bite into it and you would be rewarded with an airy texture with a slight crisp, something like meringue, but less sweet. It also boasts a subtle eggy and creamy taste, but nothing too cloyingly sweet.

Be warned that the queues will be long and the pancakes are only available during specific hours of the day. The three timings for the pancakes are 11am, 3pm & 6pm.

Gram Cafe Menu

And do you know why queues are formed despite the specific timings? Becuase there are only 20 portions per timing. Our suggestion is to go 15 minutes before the “golden hours” for a better chance to secure a slot.

Gram Cafe

Jiyugaoka, 2 Chome??????
Tel: +81 3 5726 8384
Daily: 11am – 9pm
Nearest Station: Jiyugaoka