6 Best Day Trips From Tokyo You WIll Regret Not Visiting

Daytrips from Tokyo

Japan is definitely a country you cannot visit just once.

The different prefectures each carry its own individual charm. You can choose to experience how the modern city life is like, or let the old-world architecture of other cities take you back in time.

It is quite impossible to cover every inch of Japan with just one trip, but you can get the most out of your stay by going for short, eye-opening day trips to other towns and cities located within reasonable distances from Tokyo.

Here are 6 Of The Best Daytrips From Tokyo.

Hakone Shrine

Photo Credit: Boutique Japan


Hakone in Kanagawa is reasonably near Tokyo, and is about an hour and a half away from Tokyo. You can easily catch a train down the Odakyu line to Hakone-Yumoto station. You will be greeted with a magnificent sight of Mount Fuji, coupled with a number of other attractions around the area.

Hakone is, in fact, one of the best places in Japan to catch the sakura blooms around spring time. Besides admiring cherry blossoms, you can also visit the numerous hot springs around Hakone, and try some unique black volcanic eggs that can only be found in the town.

There is also the iconic shrine that is everyone’s favourite photo spot.

Kamakura Buddha Statue

Photo Credit: Japan Guide


Kamakura, like Hakone, is located in the Kanagawa Prefecture. But what Kamakura is best known for is its Great Buddha of Kotokuin Temple, the second largest bronze Buddha statue in all of Japan.

Besides Kotoku-in, Kamakura is also dotted with many other temples such as Engakuji Temple and Hase-dera Temple.

You can also sunbathe and swim around the sandy beaches of Kamakura. It only takes an hour and 15 minutes to get from Tokyo to Kamakura by train!

Kawagoe Saitama

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You do not need a trip to Kyoto to step into “Edomae Nihon”.

Kawagoe in Saitama is only a 30-minute train ride from Tokyo. The serene streets are flanked with quiet little storehouses that were built decades ago, taking you back to the Edo period.

Life here feels almost uncommercialised. You can have a meal at one of the authentic Japanese restaurants along the road, or take some traditional Japanese candy home from one of the stores.

Mount Fuji Shizouka

Photo Credit: Washingtonian Post


You have seen this iconic mountain on postcards and screen savers, but while you are in Japan, you should definitely pay a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage site and see Mount Fuji in person.

You can get to Shizouka via the JR Tokaido Shinkansen line, and it would take slightly over an hour.

Shizouka prefecture is one of the best places to score an unobstructed view of the volcano. Try going to Fuji City and Shimizu! Just make sure you visit when the fog and mist are not thick so as to score a clearer view of the magnificent mountain.

Nikko City

Photo Credit: Japan Guide


Be awed by the beautiful autumnal colours in Nikko City when fall comes. The trees will turn into beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow when the fall months approach and this attracts a good number of tourists every year.

Nikko City is also home to a number of shrines such as Taiyuinbyo, Rinnoji Temple and Tamazowa Imperial Villa. You can also visit the Sacrad Shinkyo Bridge! Originally built in 1936, the bridge looks out to the beautiful natural landscapes, waterfalls, and lakes.

Nikko City is a two-hour train ride from Tokyo.

Nokogiriyama Mountain

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A couple of Japan’s most popular attractions and touristy sites are actually located in Chiba Prefecture, including Tokyo Disneyland. It is also where Narita Airport is located.

The Boso Peninsula takes up a large amount of the prefecture and holds many natural and architectural treasures for your discovery.

While you are in Chiba, be sure to visit the Tateyama Castle for an aerial view of the town and Mount Nokogiriyama. Nicknamed Sawtooth Mountain, Mount Nokogiriyama literally puts you at the edge of the world. From the vantage point, you will be able to see Tokyo Bay, and even Mount Fuji if weather permits.

It takes about an hour and a half to get to Chiba from Tokyo.